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High Speed Mixer with 4" Propeller

high speed mixer 4 inch propellor 415 volt three phase motor TM1

TM1 High Speed Industrial Mixer fitted with a 4 inch Ø marine style propeller with a 0.37kW 415 Volt 3 Phase Motor.

TM1 High Speed Mixer Introduction

The TM1 is a high speed industrial mixer designed for mixing and blending applications in process control, water treatment or effluent treatment applications, such as pH correction and powder mixing.

Fitted with a 4 inch or 100mm marine style propeller, the TM1 creates a vortex within a liquid solution forcing the powders or liquids to mix. The TM1 operates at 1400 RPM and is powered from a 0.37kW 3 phase 415 VAC motor.

The direct drive mixer is suitable for mounting into vessels with a 500 Litre capacity such as our 500 Litre dosing tank or other similar vessels.

High Speed Mixer with 4 inch Propeller

The TM1 utilises a 4 inch propeller which forces the liquid into a vortex to provide continual mixing of liquids or powders.  The marine style propeller has a 3 petal arrangement and a tip continuous diameter of 4 inches, manufactured in 316 stainless steel.

The 4 inch propeller is held in place with a shaft and coupling arrangement, also manufactured in 316 stainless steel.  The shaft is available custom manufactured to length.

Our 4 inch propeller is designed to optimise the mixing capability by maximise the motor efficiency.  The effective mixing of the propeller is greater per horse power when compared with flat disc type mixers and other styles of propeller.

High Speed Mixer TM1 with 0.37kW 3 Phase Mixer

The standard TM1 is fitted with TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) direct drive motor and manufactured to IP55 specifications.  The standard motor is a 415 V three phase motor.  We also offer a 380 Volt motor, flame proof motor and on the TM1 model we offer a 240 VAC Single phase motor - the TM1-SP2.

Chemically Resistant High Speed Mixer TM1

For use with process chemicals, we offer the TM1 with the wetted parts (shaft and 4 inch propeller) coated in PVC.  This makes the mixer suitable for mixing applications where the process chemical reacts with 316 stainless steel.

The shaft and mixer are coated as a single piece to ensure that any fastenings are resistant to the reagents being used in the process.

We strongly recommend when considering a chemically resistant high speed mixer, that the materials being used are compatible with PVC. 

TM1 High Speed Mixer Features & Benefits

The TM1 is a high speed mixer designed for light to medium industrial duties.  Manufactured in house at our Stafford facility, the TM1 is available with a number of customisations, depending upon the duty required.  These include the option to use a Food Grade lubricant, 240 VAC single phase motor, 3 phase 380 VAC motor, flame proof motor, or with chemically resistant coating.  Please get in touch if you require any specific customisations for use with your process.

The 4 inch propeller offers efficient mixing and is designed for vessels approximately 500 Litres in capacity.  For vessels with variable liquid levels, the TM1 can be integrated with our Liquid Level Control devices, to prevent operation where a low level is present.

As a direct drive high speed mixer with totally enclosed fan cooled motor, the TM1 is designed for continuous operation with minimal preventive maintenance and to offer efficient mixing of water treatment, effluent treatment, and process control applications.

TM1 High Speed Mixer Specifications

  • Specifications


    High Speed Industrial Mixer 1400 RPM

    Model Number:- TM1

    Frame Size:- D71

    Voltage:- 3 Phase 415 VAC

    Power:- 0.37kW or 0.5 HP

    Speed:- 1400 RPM

    Flange Diameter:- 160mm

    Hole Diameter:- 4 x 10mm

    PCD:- 130mm

    Plate Hole:- 112mm

    Propellor Diameter:- 100mm / 4 Inch

    Propellor Type:- 3 Blade Marine Style

    Suitable Volume:- 500 Litres

    Materials Of Construction:- 316 stainless steel (Optional PVC Coating)

  • Ordering Information

    Model NumberShaft LengthShaft / Propellor MaterialMotorPropellors
    TM1-XX XX = shaft length in mm 316 Stainless Steel 0.37kW, 3 Phase, 415 Volt AC  1 x 4 inch
    TM1-XX-EVA XX = shaft length in mm Plastic Coated 316 Stainless Steel 0.37kW, 3 Phase, 415 Volt AC  1 x 4 inch
    TM1-SP2-XX XX = shaft length in mm 316 Stainless Steel 0.37kW, Single Phase, 240 Volt AC 1 x 4 inch
    TM1-SP2-XX-EVA XX = shaft length in mm Plastic Coated 316 Stainless Steel 0.37kW, Single Phase, 240 Volt AC 1 x 4 inch

    PTFE coating is also available for use with concentrated chemical reagents - please speak with our friendly sales team for more information.


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