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Float Switch Range

Sometimes the simplest ways are the best, and this is no different when it comes to level control.

A float switch is as simple device designed to offer a contact closure in the event of float rising or falling inline with a liquids level.

Float switches can be configured to either give a normally open or a normally closed contact as the level rises, or, the operation can be inverted to give a normally open or normally closed contact closure as the level falls.

Floating Level Switches

We offer two types of float switches - the first is a floating type level switch.

These are designed to freely float on a connecting cable into a tank. As the level falls or rises the float has a gravity driven arrangement which causes a contact to open or close.

Floating level switches are ideal for operations with submersible pumps which shouldn't run when the level in the tank, pit or sump is empty. They are also excellent for use as high level alarms and a number of floating level switches can be wired together to give level control when pumping out between different points.

The level switches are manufactured robustly and suitable for use in some chemical environments.

Due to the way in which the floating level switches dangle inside tanks - these are not suitable for use where industrial mixers or agitators are present.

Rigid Float Switches

An alternative to a floating level switch is a rigid float switch. These are manufactured to a specific length allowing them to be custom sized for operation in tanks and process vessels.

Their rigid nature means that they can be located in the extremities of tanks to prevent them from affected by an industrial mixers and they are available in custom sizes and manufactured from custom materials.

Commonly these are produced in the following materials.

  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • PVC
  • PolyPropylene
  • PVDF

The float switches area also available with custom fittings and in custom diameters making them suitable for use in everything from 5 Litre chemical containers right though to large industrial process vessels. Considering that they are simple devices they can be used in conjunction with a zener barrier for safe area usage. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this further.

One big advantage of the rigid float switches is that they switch a supplied voltage from another device or from a control panel. This means that they can operate in a fail to safe capacity for large and complex systems.

When considering installing a level measurement or level control system, incorporating a rigid float switch as a final fail safe is a very cost effective way of protecting against any issues in the event of power failures or other unforeseen circumstances.

While the rigid float switches are an excellent way of controlling in level in concentrated chemical reagents vessels, process control tanks, and water & effluent treatment applications, we would recommend against using them in tanks which contain solids, paper waste, flocculants or lime solutions under suspension. Where particulates or other solids can prevent the float from falling or rising may cause a contact not to be made preventing the float from operating.

Float Switch Range



The FS10 is a simple and reliable float switch which is designed to be located inside tanks and vessels.

Suitable for a depth of up to 100 metres in water or 10 Bar pressure and manufactured in a single piece of resistant PolyEthylene with a PVC cable.

The FS10 is simple to connect to a circuit for either high level operation or low level operation.

An ideal device for protecting pumps and equipment from operating in a low level or bringing on a high level alarm in tanks and vessels without industrial mixers installed.

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LLFS rigid bodied float switches for mounting into tanks, vessels or directly or chemical containers. 

A low-cost option for protecting equipment and environments in both high level and low level applications. 

Available manufactured in PolyPropylene, PVC, PVDF or stainless steel with custom lengths and mounting options available. 

User selectable for high level or low level operation with custom diameters and lengths suitable for 5L containers right up to IBC's process control vessels.

Suitable for use in liquids where solids aren't present. 


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Pneumatic level switch for single point level control 3/4” BSP mounting

wetted parts PVC viton and PVDF.

Option for cPVC or polypropylene wetted parts.

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