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50 Litre Bund Tank (55L Capacity)

50 litre bund tank model BT50 with 55 Litre Capacity

50 Litre Bund Tank manufactured in MDPE with 55 Litre capacity

50 Litre Bund Tank BT50 Introduction

The BT50 is a Bund Tank for use with our 50 Litre Dosing Tank and can hold 110% of the capacity of the rated dosing tank, giving it a capacity of 55 litres.

The 50 Litre Bund Tank BT50 has dimensions of 685 Ø x 288 H (mm) and is designed specifically for use in the water treatment, effluent treatment or process applications.

Manufactured in the UK using a single piece moulding, the BT50 is constructed from U.V. Stabilised MDPE (Medium Density PolyEthylene).

The BT50 provides a simple and cost effective way of providing spill containment to a 50 Litre Dosing Tank, ensuring compliance with current Health & Safety guidelines, enabling at least 55 litres of containment in the event that the chemical dosing tank has become compromised.

Stackable 50 Litre Bund Tank

For ease of storage requirements, the BT50 is manufactured with a tapered design to allow a number of bund tanks to be stacked together.

The folded over top of the bund tank is designed with fingers in mind, ensuring that a stack of bund tanks can be easily separated without jamming and being as easy on the fingers as possible.

The single piece construction and rolled over edge also increases the mechanical strength of the bund tank, ensuring it remains rigid even when full.

Bund Tank Equipment Mounting

The BT50 is a relatively small Chemical Bund Tank, designed for use with a chemical container with a capacity of 50 litres. When pairing the bund tank with a dosing tank fitted with a flooded suction kit, or foot mounted inlets / outlets, we recommend ensuring that there is enough space for all the mounted equipment. If space is limited, we recommend using the bund tank, which is one size larger. In this instance the 100 Litre bund tank BT100.

Dosing Tank for BT50

The BT50 is the companion bund for the DT50 Dosing Tank, which is designed to stand inside the bund tank, allowing the top of the tank to be accessed easily.  The BT50 Bund Tank has a capacity of > 55 litres in total, which is designed to offer compliance with Health & Safety legislation and to provide containment in the event of the tank becoming compromised.

50 Litre Bund Tank Features & Benefits

The 50 Litre Bund Tank model BT50 is manufactured in the UK using moulding techniques to give single piece construction with no welds or seams, ensuring greater mechanical strength.

Designed specifically to provide spill containment to the DT50 Dosing Tank with 110% of the DT50's capacity, the BT50 can contain at least 55 Litres to satisfy current health and safety guidelines.

The BT50 is manufactured in chemically resistant MDPE to ensure compatibility with a wide range of chemical reagents. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you wish to check the complicity of your reagents with MDPE.

In addition to the chemically resistant properties, the MDPE is also supplied to food grade standards and is U.V. stabilised to ensure no discolouration to the tank, even when stored outside.

BT50 Specifications

  • Specifications


    50 Litre Bund Tank

    Model No:- BT50

    Capacity:- Greater than 55 Litres

    Max. Operating Temperature:- 40°C

    Materials:- MDPE (Medium Density PolyEthylene)

    Standard Colours:- (U.V Stabilised) Natural

    Accuracy:- ±2% of stated sizes.

    Dimensions:- 685 Dia. x 288 H (mm)

  • Features


    • Designed to provide spill containment for 50 litre dosing tank DT50 offering 110% of the DT50's capacity. 
    • Manufactured in the UK using a one piece rotatory moulding process - with no seams or welds.
    • Designed to satisfy current health & safety legislation.
    • Designed specifically for use in water treatment, effluent treatment and process control applications. 
    • U.V stabilised MDPE to food grade standards.  
  • Data Sheets

    Data Sheets


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