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Portable Turbidity Meter

Portable Turbidity Meter TN100-IR

The TN100-IR Portable Turbidity Meter.  Designed to offer accurate and repeatable Turbidity measurements in the field, using the Nephelometric 90° back scattering technique, with a resolution of just 0.01 NTU up to 20.00 NTU.

TN100-IR Portable Turbidity Meter Introduction

The TN100-IR is a portable Turbidity meter supplied as a complete kit so that Turbidity measurements can be made without any additional equipment being required. The following items comprise this easy to use portable turbidity meter:-

  • Protective carry case
  • Waterproof TN100-IR Turbidity Measuring Device
  • Batteries
  • 4 Primary Calibration Solutions
  • 3 Re-usable Sample vials for field usage
  • Lint free cloth and silicone oil

The TN100-IR is a practical and accurate turbidity meter offering excellent precision and laboratory specification repeatability. It even floats if you drop it!

Working on the nephelometric 90° back scattering technique, using a light source in the infra-red spectrum, the TN100-IR offers the following ranges and resolutions:-

Please note: Nephelometric Turbidity Units abbreviation (NTU)

Turbidity RangeTurbidity Resolution (NTU)
0.01 - 19.99 NTU 0.01 NTU
20.0 - 99.9 NTU 0.1 NTU
100 - 1000 NTU 1 NTU

The TN100-IR is an auto-ranging turbidity meter which means that when a sample vial is inserted into the instrument, the display turbidity reading will automatically appear scaled to the appropriate range, using the defined resolution.  This means that measuring turbidity with the TN100-IR is one of your easiest electrochemical measurements to make.

TN100-IR Turbidity Meter Calibration & Operation

The TN100-IR has simple push button operation with a large custom LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) which shows the value of the measured solution as well as the units of measurement.

Calibrating the TN100-IR is simple too.  By following the onscreen instructions and simply inserting the supplied turbidity standards, it's easy to ensure precision turbidity measurements can be completed, following each calibration.

To measure a sample, simply fill a sample vial with the solution to be measured.  Secure the light shield cap and when inserted into the instrument, complete a turbidity measurement. The TN100-IR comes complete with 3 re-usable sample vials, and the supplied 4 x AAA batteries, allow the TN100-IR to make 1200 sample measurements.

TN100-IR:-Portable Turbidity Meter Features & Benefits

The TN100-IR is easy to use; accurate, and reliable.  With ISO 7027 compliance and United States Environmental Protection Agency approval, you can be confident in laboratory level accuracy and repeatability, even when measurements are conducted in the field.

With advanced power management, the TN100-IR can complete 1200 sample measurements using just 4 x AAA batteries, meaning it's a "must have" instrument for water quality professionals.

With a straightforward push button calibration procedure and auto-ranging, getting accurate turbidity measurements couldn't be easier.

It even floats if you drop it!

TN100-IR Portable Turbidity Meter Specifications

  • Specifications


    Portable Turbidity Meter (Turbidimeter)

    Model No:- TN100-IR

    Turbidity Range 1:- 0-19.99 NTU with 0.01 NTU resolution

    Turbidity Range 2:- 20.0-99.9 NTU with 0.1 NTU resolution

    Turbidity Range 3:- 100- 1000 NTU with 1 NTU resolution

    Accuracy (0 - 500 NTU):- ±2% of reading ± 1 LSD

    Accuracy (0 - 500 NTU):- ±3% of reading ± 1 LSD

    Repeatability:- ±0.01 NTU or ±1% of reading, whichever is greater with gel samples.

    Light Source Life:- > 1'000'000 tests

    Light Source:- Infrared emitting diode (850nm wavelength)

    Operating Temperature Range:- 0°C to 50°C

    Enclosure Type & Rating:- ABS Plastic / IP67

    Power supply:- 4 x AAA batteries

    Battery Life:- > 1200 Readings

    Weight:- 200 grams

  • Features


    • The TN100-IR offers laboratory specification Turbidty measurements in a portable field instrument.
    • Supplied in a robust carrying case complete with turbidity calibration solutions, 3 sample vials, and even batteries
    • Simple menu driven and push button calibration procedure for easier turbidity measurements.
    • ISO 7027 compliant and EPA approved using the nephelometric infrared 90° back scattering methodology.
    • Offers over 1200 readings from 4 x AAA alakaline batteries.
    • IP67 housing and it even floats if you drop it!
  • Data Sheets

    Data Sheets


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