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Chemical Batching and Chemical Transfer

chemical batching system
An End User customer of ours recently mentioned that he was having problems adding the correct volume of mineral acid to his process, as the operators on each shift seemed to be able to add a different amount of acid.chemical batching plc

The volume added to his process had effects on the quality of the final product.

We designed and built a dosing rig with three model Dosing Pumps each fitted with our AC-SF Flow Sensor which is supplied with wetted parts specified to be suitably chemical resistant to the acid being dosed.  The AC-SF flow sensor is able to accurately measure the acid flow.

Our technical Manager Chris Michael, is a very clever guy who wrote the software for a mini-PLC to act as a batch controller.  The device shows a mini flow diagram of the customers process, so while the operator knows the volume of acid to be added to the process - all they need to do is push the start button and the system will batch in the required volume of acid.

The PLC display counts down the amount of acid to be dosed while Level Sensors in the acid tank stop the system if the acid runs out, and operates an alarm.

If the acid container is empty the process cannot be started.

As the system is used to dose three process vessels, three pumps are fitted so all three vessels can be filled together.

Acid is delivered in 205 Litre containers and the Dosing Skid is fitted with a transfer pump to fill the 300 Litre Day Tank which has a High and Low Level Sensor to prevent the pump from starting, if there is not room for the 205 litres and has a High level alarm or policeman, to prevent the day tank from over-flowing.

The skid also has a built in bund allowing it to contain 110% of the day tank capacity.