Conductivity Cell For Ultra-Pure Water PSE-001

ultra pure water conductivity cell PSE 001

The PSE-001 is a stainless steel conductivity cell (sometimes referred to as a Resistivity Cell) with a cell constant of K=0.01 and is specifically designed for measuring pure and ultra-pure water.

Ultra-pure Water Conductivity Cell & Resistivity Cell PSE-001

The PSE-001 is an electrolytic conductivity cell designed to measure the conductivity or receptivity directly in pipework, or within appropriate tanks and vessels. The PSE-001 is precision engineered to very accurately measure solutions with exceptionally low conductivities.

The PSE-001 is manufactured in 316 Stainless Steel with PTFE insulators and Viton "O" Rings and has a 3/4" BSP male threaded boss for easy installation into pipework.

The PSE-001 is suitable for operation at temperatures up to 100°C and is rated for use in pressures up to 10 Bar at 20°C.

An integral temperature measurement device can be fitted to the PSE-001 so that it can be used for automatic temperature compensation when paired with a compatible conductivity controller or resistivity controller.

The PSE-001 is designed specifically to provide very accurate measurements in applications that use ultra-pure water. As such it has an upper limit of 2.000µS.

For maintenance purposes the PSE-001 uses an unmountable plug, which makes removing the conductivity cell from a process connection as easy as possible.

Ultra Pure Water Resistivity and Conductivity Cell PSE-001 Features & Benefits

The PSE-001 is a compact cell, precision manufactured in stainless steel for accurate conductivity measurements up to 2.000µS. The PSE-001 is unsuitable for anything other than ultra-pure water conductivity or resistivity measurements.

The optional integral temperature measuring device in the PSE-01 provides automatic temperature compensation to a conductivity or resistivity controller.

The PSE-001 is used in distillation or reverse osmosis monitoring and for use in semi-conductor washing.

Most commonly the PSE-001 is paired with our resistivity controller the C7685-001 and the automatic temperature compensation works with the C7685-001 dual sloper compensation.

PSE-001 Resistivity Cell Specifications

  • Specifications


    Insertion Resistivity / Conductivity Cell

    Model No:- PSE-001

    Cell Constant:- K=0.01

    Measuring Range:- 0 - 2.000µS

    Materials of construction Cell316 Stainless Steel, Viton 'O' Rings, PTFE Insulators

    Max temperature:- 0-100°C

    Max pressure:- 10 Bar at 20°C

    Temperature Compensation:- Available

    Connections:- Fixed Connections or de-mountable Connector

  • Features


    • Electrolytic conductivity cell specifically manufactured to measure ultra-pure water for conductivity or resistivity.
    • Precision engineered to offer accurate resistivity measurements up to 2.000µS with a conductivity cell constant of K=0.1
    • 3/4" BSP thread for mounting into large bore pipework and into process tanks and vessels.
    • Optional integrated temperature sensor to provide compatible conductivity instruments with automatic temperature compensation
    • Designed specifically for measuring resistivity in processes using ultra-pure water such as in semi-conductor conductor manufacturing and reverse osmosis preperation rinse.
    • Precision engineered conductivity cell manufactured in stainless steel for unparalleled continuous conductivity monitoring.
    • Removeable plug on top of the conductivity cell allows for easy installation on the low conductivity cell and and removal for periodic maintenance and calibration.

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