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Temperature Controller for Panel Mounting

Temperature controller for panel mounting K39T

The K39T temperature controller, designed for panel mounting with dual 4 digit display and 2 x control relay outputs and measuring range from - 200°C to + 850°C. 

Temperature Controller K39T Introduction

The K39T is a powerful and cost effective temperature controller for panel mounting into control panels and stand alone temperature measurement and control applications.

With sophisticated control functionality, the K39T offers 2 x setpoints with associated On/Off control relays which are user selectable from the front programming menu. The K39T is suitable for both heating and cooling applications with the software programmable to suit either application.

With a bright LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) the K39T displays both the current measured temperature and the setpoint 1 value, allowing the operator to see a visual indication of the current state of the system and progression point.

Suitable for use with our Temperature Sensors the K39T can work with platinum resistant devices including PRT types PT100 and PT1000, as well as a range of thermocouples.

The K39T temperature controller for panel mounting is fitted with a switch mode power supply suitable for a voltage of 100 - 240 VAC and a measuring range from - 200°C to + 850°C.

Temperature Controller K39T Setpoints and Relay Outputs

The K39T temperature controller includes 2 x independent setpoints, each with an associated control relay. These setpoints and control relays have programmable timer and hysteresis controller.

Both the relay outputs are SPDT type and can be used for high or low operation, controls being suitable for either heating or cooling devices. The output relays are 8A rated SPDT type.

The K39T shows the programmed setpoint value on the screen during normal operation.

Temperature Controller K39T For Panel Mounting

The K39T is designed to be panel mounted for a cut-out of 71mm wide x 29mm height, with dimensions of 78mm W x 35mm H x 64mm D and is suitable for a supply voltage of 100 to 240 VAC.

The programming functionality takes place on the microprocessor driven menu with push button operation.  The menu's are logically driven and reveal a host of control functionality, including counters and timers.

Temperature Controller K39T Inputs

As a dedicated temperature controller for panel mounting, the K39T is able to work with a wide variety of temperature inputs.  The K39T is compatible with Thermocouples type J, K, R, S, & T as well as PRT types PT100 and PT1000 from our temperature sensor range.

K39T Temperature Controller Specifications

  • Specifications


    Temperature Controller for Panel Mounting

    Model No:- K39T

    Temperature Range:- -200°C to +850°C

    Supported Temperature Sensor:- PT100, PT1000 (3 Wire PRT), thermocouple type J,K,R,S,T

    Set Points:- 2 On/Off, High/Low selectable, 8 Amp rated

    Action:- On/Off over 100% of range

    Hysteresis:- Adjustable 

    Time Delay:- Adjustable

    Ambient Temperature:- 0-50°C

    Mains Supply:- 100-240 VAC

    Weight:- 180 grams

    Dimensions:- 78 x 34 x 64mm

  • Features


    • Small Temperature controller for panel mounting complete with control functionality. 
    • Works with any of our range of precision platinum resistance thermometer PT100 temperature sensors, as well as PT1000 sensors or thermocouples.
    • Can be used as part of large control panel or system, as well as a powerful and compact stand alone temperature controller.
    • Bright LCD (Liquid crystal display) shows both the current measured temperature and the current set-point value.
    • Compact, cost effective and yet powerful temperature controller suitable for a supply voltage of 100 - 240 VAC. 
    • Huge measuring range available when paired with a thermocouple giving a measurement range of - 200°C to + 850°C.
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