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Inline Chemical Feeder with 4.5Kg Capacity

Inline chemical feeder K940 with capacity of 4.5Kg for treating up to 189'000 litres of water.

Inline Chemcial Feeder K940 with an internal capacity of 4.5Kg which can provide up to 189m3 of treated water.

Inline Tablet Holder K940 Introduction

The K940 is our small inline chemical feeder which is designed to provide disinfected or treated water for use in legionella control into industrial applications or to provide process water for residential or commercial swimming pools.

The K940 is manufactured in specially formulated GRP making it suitable for either Bromine Tablets or Chlorine (Trichlor), to provide the treated water into industrial processes such as legionella prevention in cooling tower applications or sanitised water for municipal or commercial swimming pools.

With a capacity of 4.5Kg of tablets, the K940 can provide sanitised or disinfected water, suitable for 95m3 swimming pools when using Bromine or 189m3 when used with Chlorine (trichlor).

Patented Performance Valve

The K940 uses a patented performance valve which is designed so that only the bottom layer of the chemical tablets is dissolved.  This ensures an even consumption of the chemical tablets.  Part of the performance valve assembly is the flow regulation valve, which gives exceptional control of the water flow, so that the amount of disinfected water can be precisely adjusted.

Inline Chemical Feeder

The K940 is designed to be installed into the process delivery line.  This means that the water flowing to the process is also delivered through the chemical feeder. Please note, the K940 must not be installed offline.

We strongly recommend that the K940 inline chemical feeder is installed as the final piece of equipment to the process.  This means after any pumps, filters, heat exchangers or other control equipment is installed, so that the disinfected water doesn't interfere with any prior process. In addition to installing the K940 as the final piece of equipment, we recommend a non-return valve such as our model NRV-050 is installed inline. 

Designed for an inline installation only, the K940 is suitable for a maximum pressure of 2.7 Bar.  For processes that operate with a higher pressure an HPB, High Pressure Brominator, might be a more suitable alternative.

Inline Chemical Feeder K940 Installation

Installing the K940 inline chemical feeder to deliver disinfected water is a simple process. The specially formulated enclosure is manufactured with bi-directional threaded connections to provide an inlet and outlet.

The inlet and outlet use 2" female threaded sockets for use with rigid PVC pipework only.

K940 Features & Benefits

The K940 offers a simple way of delivering treated water into a process to remove pathogens and provide disinfection or legionella control. Suitable for process control applications as well as for small residential or commercial swimming pools and Spas.

With a capacity of 4.5Kg of either Bromine or Chlorine (trichlor), the K940 can provide disinfected water, suitable for pools with a volume of 95m3 using Bromine or 189m3 using Chlorine (trichlor), where the pressure inline doesn't exceed 2.7 Bar.  One significant advantage of using an inline chemical feeder such as the K940 is that it offers 'maintenance free' water treatment, with no ongoing running costs.

The 2" female threaded sockets enable a simple integration into rigid pipework for permanent inline water treatment.

With the patented performance valve, the K940 ensures that the consumption of the bromine or chlorine tablets occurs only at the chemicals bottom layer.  Combined with the precision flow regulation valve, the K940 is an excellent choice for water treatment applications where a consistent delivery of sanitised or disinfected water is required.

K940 Specifications

  • Specifications


    Inline Chemical Feeder with 4.5Kg capacity

    Model No:- K940

    Capacity:- 4.5Kg

    Volume:- Up to 95m3 with Bromine and 189m3 with chlorine (trichlor)

    Pressure:- 2.7 Bar

    Installation Type:- Inline Installation only

    Height:- 435mm

    Width:- 178mm

    Inlet / Outlet Connection Size:-  2" Female Threaded

  • Features


    • Simple maintenance free provision of disinfected or sanitised water. 
    • Suitable for use with either Bromine or Chlorine (trichlor) tablets with a capacity of 4.5Kg. 
    • Patented performance valve designed to ensure consumption of the chemical bottom layer occurs combined with precision flow regulation valve to ensure a consistent delivery of disinfected water to the process.
    • Suitable for with swimming pools with a volume of  95m3 when using Bromine or 189m3 when used with Chlorine (trichlor).
    • Includes pressure relief / safety valve integrated into the enclosure. 
    • 2" female threaded sockets for simple integration into a process using rigid PVC pipe
    • Simple to use, simple to install, simple to refill - with no maintenance or running costs.
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