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pH Probe Range

When it comes to the accurate measurement of pH in an industrial environment, a good quality pH probe is the secret to achieving this.

Firstly, there are a number of different terms applied for a device used to measure pH, we break these down as follows:-

pH Sensor

We use this term to broadly cover any type of device used to measure pH.

pH Electrode

We reserve the term pH probe to mean our glass bodied pH sensors. These can be used to measure pH in some industrial environments, normally if used in conjunction with an inline pH sensor housing. If you're looking for a replacement pH sensor for this type of application then please look at the pH electrode section.

pH Probe

We reserve this term to refer to a pH sensor contained within an industrial housing.

Our pH probes are designed for use in the harshest of industrial environments. Meaning that no element of the pH probe construction has been compromised to ensure both precision measurement, increased longevity and resistance to environmental conditions.

pH Probe Reference

For our industrial pH probe range, we only use an annular reference, also known as a peripheric junction. Where a wick style reference will block or have a reduced flow rate, an annular reference is non-blocking, guaranteeing continuous pH measurement and reducing the requirement to remove the probe for cleaning, which is important to our process critical industrial customers.

The annual reference is also available as a tuff tip to prevent the glass bulb from becoming damaged during calibration or if solids are present in the solution being measured.

We've tried to limit our reference materials to the two most robust types availalbe. One is a pH probe with a ceramic reference, and the other is a pH probe with a PTFE reference. Both are very chemically resistant and offer a non-fouling reference junction to ensure rapid changes in pH value to be monitored.

pH Probe Body

We understand that industrial pH probes are normally kept in process for the duration of their working lives. These are normally either screwed in-place or mounted into a riser tube for insertion into a vessel. As such, our pH probe range all include threaded connections for either or both of these two purposes.

The majority of our pH probes are available in PVC, however, for more harsh industrial environments, these are manufactured in PVDF.

pH Probe Glass

As with our pH electrode range, we have 5 different types of glass that we use. Some are specifically for measuring changes in pH value, others to prevent the leaching of materials in low conductivity solutions. If you have any concerns or require more information about the benefits of our pH glass then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

For our pH probe connections we only use a low impedance specifically shielded pH connecting cable. As standard, we choose to terminate in a BNC process connector, alternatively, we can manufacture tagged ends, spade types, and most electrode connection types. There is some more information on pH sensor connections here and if in doubt - just get in touch!

pH Probe Range



Replacement pH probe model PS183-20B

The 3/4" BSP thread is designed to fit as pH probe insert into our PS90S dip mounting pH probe assembly when a replacement is required

Manufactured in PVC, fitted with pH bulb guard and 20 feet of connecting cable terminating in a BNC plug this pH probe is simple and easy to connect to a pH controller

Features an annular non-fouling ceramic reference junction and rated for use from 0-60ºC

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Tuff Tip pH probe PTT183-20B is a replacement pH probe insert for the PTT90S

With a 3/4" BSP thread is simply screws in place of the redundant pH probe of the PTT90S dip mounting pH probe assembly

Manufactured in PVC, and with a non-fouling ceramic tuff tif magna flow reference with recessed pH bulb this means that the pH bulb is virtually unbreakable during normal operation.

Fitted with 20 feet of connecting cable terminating in a BNC plug this pH probe is simple and easy to connect to a pH controller

Perfect for use in tanks and vessels with an installed mixer and rated for use from 0 - 60ºC

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Inline pH probe model 9027-10B has a 1/2" male thread which is designed for mounting in a tee piece inline so that the pH probe forms part of the pipework.

Single junction pH probe with annual reference junction and exposed pH bulb ensures that pH measurement is precise and the repose time to changing pH values is quick.

Designed for inline mounting into pipework for continual online pH measurement with non-fouling reference the 9027-10B only needs to removed for periodic calibration

Rated for temperature use from 0 - 100ºC and fitted with 10 feet of connecting cable and BNC plug as standard

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Our P8194-10B is designed as a tough pH probe with exposed glass pH bulb

The exposed glass bulb gives excellent performance in less than desirable conditions while the pH probe guard is designed to minimise any impact of solids affecting the pH probe integrity

With a non fouling annular ceramic reference this pH probe only needs to be removed from normal operation for periodic calibration or buffering

Fitted with two 3/4" male threads, one mounted at the front and a second at the rear this pH probe can be used in both dip and inline operation

The Kynar (PVDF) body offers excellent chemical compatibility and is rated for use in temperatures from 0 - 100ºC

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The P800-TC1-10B is designed as an industrial pH probe for use when the pH process is critical but the environment is less than desirable

The body is manufactured in Kynar (PVDF) which boasts both excellent temperate and chemical compatibility properties

The non fouling reference junction is our magna flow tuff tip design but constructed from porous PTFE to give expectational pH measurements and response times while maintaining the temperature and chemical compatibility properties from an industrial pH probe

Fitted with dual 3/4" male threads for dip or inline mounting, and with temperature compensation available ex-stock - this is the one pH electrode we recommend our customers hold in stock if their process is pH critical

Rated for temperature usage from 0 - 100ºC

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The P3637-10B is our long life pH probe

With a single rear mounting 3/4" male thread the P3637-10B is specifically designed for use in dip mounting vessels when the pH value is pushing the longevity of existing pH probes

Manufactured to the highest specification the P3637-10B has an extended body, non-fouling annual peripheric junction manufactured in PTFE and a body built from PVDF the temperature and chemical compatibility of the long-life pH probe P3637-10B are unparalleled.

As standard the P3637-10B is fitted with 10 feet of connecting cable and BNC plug as standard and with automatic temperature compensation available ex-stock

The P3637-10B is rated for temperature usage from 0 - 100ºC

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