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Conductive Level Electrode

Conductive Level Electrode LE20

Conductive Level Electrode Model LE20 supplied complete with 3 Level Electrodes which can be cut to size.

LE20 Conductive Level Electrode Introduction

The LE20 is a level electrode holder supplied complete with 3 x integrated level electrodes.

Designed primarily for the most straight-forward of level applications, filling or emptying tanks with cold clean water, the LE20 is ideal to combine with our ALC1101 Level Controller, to provide a switching relay to start or stop pumps, valves, or other control equipment.

The LE20 comprises of 3 level electrodes manufactured in 316 Stainless Steel with a PVC sheath, mounted into an integrated electrode holder.  Each of the level electrodes measure 3mm Ø and 900mm in length.  These may be cut down in length, using a hand tool, to suit the application.

The LE20 has a 3/4" threaded connection allowing the instrument to be easily screwed into position for mounting above tanks or process vessels.

With the stainless steel PVC sheathed legs, the LE20 is perfect for operating in water applications, but it is also suitable for use in weak acid, or weak alkali solutions, which are compatible with Stainless Steel.

Conductive Level Electrode LE20 for Continuous Operation

The LE20 Level Electrode is designed to provide continuous automatic operation with minimal preventative maintenance.

The PVC sheathing of the stainless steel level electrodes is designed to stop tracking from occurring between the level electrode legs.  Tracking occurs when the path of least resistance is between the exposed legs of the level electrodes.

The PVC sheathing means that the resistance path is between the bottom of one electrode up to the mounting boss and down the other electrode to the stainless steel tip.

Electrodes which have no insulation have a very short track path, either between the electrodes which can be just a few millimetres.  This can easily be bridged by scale, or by solids which can form on the electrodes.  This is not a problem with the LE20 which is designed from the outset to prevent tracking.

The PVC sheath on the legs of the level electrode also means that the electrodes are fully electrically insulated at the connection point, situated in the head of the level electrode.  Electrodes which have no insulation can also be subject to moisture forming in the head, causing erroneous operation of the level controller.  As our level electrode legs are fully insulated, this probably is eliminated in the LE20.

In addition, we also colour code the PVC sheaths of each level electrode, to help make wiring the electrodes as simple as possible.

LE20 Conductive Level Electrode System Integration

The LE20 has a 3/4" BSP mounting thread, allowing the LE20 to be securely screwed into position at the top of a tank, using any threaded connection.

With a Hirschmann connector located at the top of the assembly, the electrical connections are easily acceptable.  These are designed to be easily integrated into a suitable Level Controller.

LE20 Level Electrode Features & Benefits

The LE20 offers a simple way of automating level control into a system, at a low cost.

The stainless steel conductive level electrodes are simply cut to size and the whole assembly can be screwed into the top of the tank using the 3/4" BSP mounting thread.  With the plastic coating designed to eliminate tracking across the level electrode legs and prevent moisture from causing erroneous readings, the LE20 offers simple and reliable level control. 

The high and low level electrodes can be used to trigger valves, pumps, Industrial Mixers or other control equipment.  The Hirschmann connector offers a simple and convenient way of making the electrical connections to a suitable Level Controller.

LE20 Level Electrode Specifications

  • Specifications


    Conductive Level Electrode

    Model No:- LE20

    Wetted Parts:- 316 Stainless Steel and PVC

    Level Electrode Measurements:- 900mm x 3mm Ø

    Mounting Type:- 3/4" BSP Thread

    Electrical Connection:- DIN Standard Hirschmann Conductive

    Applications:- Conductive Solutions compatible with 316 SS

    Compatible Level Controller:- ALC1101

  • Features


    • As simple to install and simple to use Level Electrode system for integration with a conductive level controller
    • Includes 3 x 900mm long level electrodes measuring 3mm Ø - designed to be cut to length to integrate into your process vessel. 
    • Electrical connections via DIN standard Hirschmann connector for easy electrical connection. 
    • Fully insulated 316 Stainless Steel level electrodes with a fully insulated PVC sheath to prevent tracking and provide continuous operation. 
    • 3/4" BSP mounting threaded so the LE20 can be simply screwed into place above a tank or process vessel. 


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