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Insertion Conductivity Cell with K=1.0

insertion conductivity cell in5 10

IN5-10 Insertion Conductivity Cell with Cell Constant K=1.0

Insertion Conductivity Cell IN5-10 introduction

The IN5-10 is a low cost conductivity insertion cell, designed to be incorporated into pipework to provide continuous online conductivity measurements.

Manufactured in cPVC with stainless steel electrodes the IN5-10 has a conductivity cell constant of K=1.0 for most general purpose conductivity measurements, the IN5-10 is of simple yet robust construction.

Suitable for a maximum conductivity value of 5000µS (5mS), the cPVC and stainless steel construction is suitable for a maximum operating temperature of 60°C and a maximum pressure of 7 Bar at a temperature of 20°C.

Fitted with a 3/4" BSP thread, the IN5-10 is designed for mounting into pipework and is supplied complete with 2 metres of connecting cable as standard.

An Integral temperature sensor can be fitted to the IN5-10, ensuring that a compatible measuring instrument can use automatic temperature compensation.

Insertion Conductivity Cell IN5-10 Features & Benefits

The IN5-10 is a simple and robust insertion conductivity cell with a cell constant of K=1.0 and the materials of construction make it perfect for most operating environments.

Designed to operate at mid range, with an upper range of 5000µS (5.00mS) and with a 3/4" BSP thread, the IN5-10 is ideal for installation into a pipe or line, and for the conductivity of recirculating cooling towers, TDs control applications, borehole water, and for water feature purge applications.

The demountable connector can be easily removed so that the IN5-10 can be removed for periodic cleaning or calibration.  When fitting with an integral temperature sensor, the IN5-10 can provide automatic temperature compensation to a compatible instrument.

IN5-10 Insertion Conductivity Cell Specifications

  • Specifications


    Insertion Conductivity Cell

    Model No:- IN5-10

    Cell Constant:- K=1.0

    Measuring Range:- 0 - 5000µS

    Materials of construction Cell Stainless Steel, cPVC

    Max temperature:- 0-60°C

    Max pressure 7 Bar at 20°C

    Temperature Compensation:- Available

    Connections Fixed Connections or de-mountable Connector

  • Features


    • Simple and robust construction for most general inline conductivity appications.
    • Detachable head mounted connector which can be easily removed for periodic calibration and maintenance.
    • Cell constant of K=1.0 for general conductivity measurement applications, where the conductivity value is below 5000µS.
    • Ideal for the measurement of TDS in re-circulating cooling water applications, rinse water, or borehole conductivity measurements.
    • Optional integral temperature measuring device to provide automatic temperature compensation to a compatible instrument.


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