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Portable Redox Meter with BNC connector, ATC and Redox Electrode

ph15 k Redox meter with Redox connector, BNC connector and temp sensor

The pH15-K Portable Redox Meter Kit comprises of a calculator sized portable Redox meter with BNC connector. The pH15-K is capable of the following:-

  • measuring the Redox value
  • measuring the pH value
  • measuring the temperature value
  • Compensating the pH value against the temperature

The portable Redox meter is supplied in a neat carrying case complete with a Redox Electrode model 9016-3B, and stainless steel temperature sensor. The temperature sensor can also be used as an ATC only for the pH measurement or for separate temperature measurement.  Each measure is shown on the digital display.

pH15-K:- Multiparameter Portable Redox Meter For Redox, pH, and Temperature Measurement

The pH15-K is a multiparameter meter with the ability to measure the Redox value, the pH Value and the temperature all within the same instrument

Test Existing Redox Electrodes

The pH15-K is a portable Redox meter with a BNC connector installed at the front of the instrument to allow a Redox Electrode to be connected.

Other Redox electrodes with a BNC connector can also be connected to the pH15-K portable Redox meter. This can be particularly useful for isolating problems with already installed redox electrodes. As these redox electrodes can easily be connected to the pH15-K and the value can be measured and corroborated independently allowing the user to see if an unexpected reading is a result of a faulty Redox instrument or a Redox electrode that is at the end of it's life-span.

The pH15-K Portable Redox meter with BNC connector is supplied with the following:-

- 9016-3B plastic bodied combination pH electrode with 1 metre of connecting cable and a BNC connector.

- A8000 Stainless Steel Temperature sensor for auto temperature compensation (ATC) and for separate temperature measuring.

For pH measurements with the pH15-K Portable pH Meter Kit we are able to offer a single junction epoxy bodied combination pH electrode which is suitable for most laboratory or light industrial use. With the instrument being compatible with our full pH electrode range, we're happy to supply another pH electrode if required.

Some of the uses for the pH15-K include educational field studies, laboratories, environmental monitoring to simply testing the pH of vertually any water based solution.

  • Specifications


    PH15-K Portable Redox Meter

    Model No:- pH15

    Redox Range:- -1999 to +1999 mV

    Redox Resolution:- 2mV

    pH Range:- 0-14.00 pH

    pH Resolution:- 0.01 pH

    Temp. Range:- -50.0ºC-150ºC

    Temp. Resolution:- 0.1ºC

    Accuracy:- ±0.02pH, ±2mV or 0.5ºC

    Calibration:- 2 points

    Temperature compensation:- Automatic

    Temperature compensation Range:- 0ºC and 100ºC

    Electrode type:- Platinum Redox sensor

    Connection Type:- BNC Process Connector

    Operating temperature:- 0-50ºC

    Power supply:- 1 x 9v battery

    Battery Life:- > 200 Hours

  • Features


    • Portable combination Redox, pH and temperature instrument, no need for 3 separate instruments to carry!
    • The kit comes with a professional carry case with space to carry all the associated sensors.
    • Easy to setup, calibrate and take measurements.
    • Process connection meaning that installed Redox Electrodes and pH probes can be measured by simply connecting their plugs to the instrument.
    • Automatic temperature compensation on pH measurements, and separate temperature measurement.
    • Nice easy to use instrument with excellent battery life and low power consumption - a dependable instrument for when readings are critical
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