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High Temperature pH Electrode

high temperature ph electrode model 9044 10B

Our 9044-10B High Temperature pH Electrode has been designed for use in hot solutions. With an upper rated temperature of 120ºC, the 9044-10B is resistant, not immune, to electrode boiling (which occurs when the electrode is too hot for too long).

High Temperature pH Electrode Model 9044-10B Introduction

The 9044-10B is a glass bodied, sealed, combination, double junction pH electrode with a special gel filling for resistance to high temperature, preventing the pH electrode from boiling. With the sealed double junction reference, the 9044-10B high temperature pH electrode is also able to resist against electrode poisoning for applications which include compounds that react with silver.

The High Temperature pH Electrode model 9044-10B has a domed glass reference bulb; sealed double junction; peripheric annular ceramic junction for anti-fouling and is filled with our special reference high temperature resistant gel.

High Temperature pH Electrode Model 9044-10B Features & Benefits

The 9044-10B pH electrode offers precision measurement, excellent repeatability, non-fouling annular peripheric ceramic junction, double junction reference to prevent electrode poisoning, glass domed bulb for a rapid response time, and special high temperature reference to prevent electrode boiling and electrode leaching. This pH electrode has been uncompromisingly designed for use in high temperature environments and is suitable for a pH range of 0-13 pH and at temperatures of 0-120°C.

When our customers are finding that they are having to frequently replace pH electrodes, or when conducting a swing test, this electrode has a long response time, and we strongly recommend that they try the 9044-10B pH Electrode.

The mounting cap on the High Temperature pH Electrode model 9044-10B is Ryton with a small flange for mounting the pH electrode into our PES style holders.

High Temperature pH Electrode Model 9044-10B Connection Type & Cable Lengths

The 9044-10B pH Electrode is available with a number of connection types; as standard, we supply the 9044-10B with 3 metres of connecting cable and a BNC fitting.

For custom fitting types please see the below table for the ordering number and options:-

  • Specifications


    High Temperature pH Electrode

    Model No:- 9044-10B

    Range:- 0-13 pH

    Operating Temperature:- 0-120ºC

    Electrode type:- High Temperature pH electrode with high temperature reference Gel

    Junction Double Junction

    Reference Type:- Non-fouling Peripheric Annular Ceramic with high temperature gel and isolated Silver - Silver Chloride reference

    Dimensions:- 110mm Long x 12mm ø

    Additional:- 10 Metres of connecting cable, BNC connector and high temperature gel reference

  • Ordering Information

    Model NumberCable LengthConnector
    9044-10B 3 Metres BNC Connector (Most Common)
    9044-10T 3 Metres Stripped & Tinned Connections

    For more information on the connection type please take a look at our pH electrode connection types page.

    Electrodes with a longer cable or custom cable length are available to order.


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