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Insertion Conductivity Cell with K=0.1

insertion conductivity cell in5 01

IN5-01 Insertion Conductivity Cell with cell constant K=0.1

Insertion Conductivity Cell IN5-01 introduction

The IN5-01 is a low cost conductivity insertion cell, designed to be incorporated into pipework, to provide continuous online conductivity measurements.

The IN5-01 is of simple and robust construction; manufactured in cPVC and Stainless steel with a conductivity cell constant of K=0.1 for low conductivity measurements.

The IN5-01 is suitable for a maximum conductivity value of 200µS (2mS) and the cPVC and stainless steel construction make it suitable for a maximum operating temperature of 60°C and a maximum pressure of 7 Bar at a temperature of 20°C.

Fitted with a 3/4" BSP thread, the IN5-01 is designed for mounting into pipework and is supplied complete with 2 metres of connecting cable as standard.

An Integral temperature sensor can be fitted to the IN5-01, ensuring that the measuring instrument can use automatic temperature compensation.

Insertion Conductivity Cell IN5-01 Features & Benefits

The IN5-01 is a simple and robust insertion conductivity cell with a cell constant of K=0.1.  The materials of construction make it perfect for most operating environments.

Designed to operate at low ranges of less than 200.0µS and with a 3/4" BSP thread, the IN5-01 is ideal to be installed into a pipe or line, and measures DI water or potable water for process applications.

The demountable connector can be easily removed so that the IN5-01 can be removed for periodic cleaning or calibration.  When fitting with an integral temperature sensor the IN5-01 can provide automatic temperature compensation to a compatible instrument.

IN5-01 Insertion Conductivity Cell Specifications

  • Specifications


    Insertion Conductivity Cell

    Model No:- IN5-01

    Cell Constant:- K=0.1

    Measuring Range:- 0 - 200.0µS

    Materials of Cell construction:-  Stainless Steel, cPVC

    Max temperature:- 0-60°C

    Max pressure:- 7 Bar at 20°C

    Temperature Compensation:- Available

    Connections Fixed Connections or de-mountable Connector

  • Features


    • Simple and robust construction for most low conductivity inline appications.
    • Detachable head mounted connector which can be easily removed for periodic calibration and maintenance.
    • Cell constant of K=0.1 for measurements of conductivity values below 200.0µS.
    • Ideal for the measurement of DI or potable water for a variety of applications.
    • Optional integral temperature measuring device to provide automatic temperature compensation to a compatible instrument.


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