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OLDL4 Online Data Logger


The OLDL4 Remote Monitoring System (RMS) is designed to make a complicated task, of interfacing and reading sensors, logging the results and transmitting a simple and affordable option for any user. Capable of covering installations in remote locations and with limited power options. With our options of telemetry and power we can ensure your data is always reliable and accurate!

The OLDL4 is an online data logger designed to connect four devices with analogue outputs of 4-20mA. These may be powered or require a loop power supply IE 2 wire transmitters. The OLDL4 makes what is the process of reading signals from a wide variety of transmitters and sensors as simple and cost effective as possible, all signals are sent to an Online data cloud platform that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime from a web browser meaning no need for specialist equipment.

The online data logger can also send direct email alarm messages, if a pre-set limit is exceeded on any of the 4 inputs channel. An optional input card is also available to allow up to 5 digital inputs for status or counting functions. All system have 4 analogue inputs IP67 weatherproof enclosure with an intergrated display, built in GSM modem for GPRS or SMS communications and integral antenna.

Data Logging Platform

The data platform can be upgraded to how often you need data updated on the cloud system from once every hour to every 5 minutes, this is a cost effective subscription that needs to be renewed annually until cancellation is requested.

OLDL4 makes remote monitoring simple for the end-user, allowing customers to focus on core business activities, whilst benefitting from sensor data, delivered securely to the cloud, to drive those businesses forward!

OLDL4 reports readings to the data platform. Externally powered devices may report as often as every 5 minutes (depending on the sensor used), solar-powered every 10 minutes and battery-powered can last typically up to four years, transmitting once a day, although many devices have performed for much longer. Transmission frequency can be reduced, as each of the four channels can log up to 80 readings.

OLDL4 features a standalone cloud, with customisable dashboards, reporting & alarms. It is a highly secure and scalable IoT solution, processing millions of readings daily and offers an API, which allows integration to software like Navision, SAP, SCADA and platforms like IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, AWS and Miimetiq.

Key Features

  • IP67 Weatherproof Enclosure
  • Integrated Display
  • Up to 4 inputs and Outputs
  • Online Cloud Data Logging
  • Direct Email Alarm Messages

OLDL4 Online Data Logger Specifications

  • Specifications


    Inputs: 4 (4 – 20 mA, 0 – 10 V DC sensors or volt free contacts). Expansion cards: 5 channel pulse (volt free, 10 Hz max.) & RS232 / R S485 (contact Powelectrics regarding protocols).

    Outputs: Optional 2 relay outputs controlled either remotely or when threshold breached.

    Communications: GSM (4G (CatM1 / NB1) with 2G fallback – worldwide frequencies).

    Data Logging: 80 per channel, (first in first out).

    Power Supply: Battery, 6-24Vdc. solar and mains options.

    Sensor Excitation: Will provide power to sensors (5 V or 21.6 V, 31 mA max.) for a programmable length of time.

    Environmental: IP67, -20 to +65oC.

    Programming: Normally remotely or locally via USB.

    Display: The built-in back lit 40x40mm LCD display acts as a local gauge to help test the device and ensure it is communicating well. It is also used to check sensors and wiring. 

  • Features


    • IP67 Weatherproof Enclosure
    • Integrated Display
    • Up to 4 inputs and Outputs
    • Online cloud data logging
    • Direct email alarm messages
    • Remote Configuration
  • Data Sheets

    Data Sheets