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Liquid Level Controller instruments including conductive level electrodes, level controllers and float switches

Liquid Level Control

Controlling the liquid level inside tanks, vessels, and environmental water courses is absolutely paramount for a number of different processes.

We offer a range of liquid level control devices designed to cover a wide range of liquid level control applications, with a number of different methodologies which can be used to ensure that the liquid level can be controlled.

Liquid Level Controller

Our liquid level controller is a compact device designed to offer simple yet powerful operation. The user can switch between high level or low level operation and the device has a user-configurable sensitivity sector making it suitable for use on all conductive liquids. With an integrated 5 amp non-inductive switching relay the level controller is a principle device for the control of liquid level. 

Liquid Level Electrodes

Our liquid level electrodes are designed to be mounted into tanks, vessels, weirs, pits and other vessels. These devices connect to the liquid level controller to cover a wide range of level control applications. 

The liquid level electrodes are offered as single level electrodes or as multiple level electrode holders. These are designed to offer an earth electrode (which may be common to a number of level controllers)  and then a minimum of two level electrode are used to offer fully automatic control between two levels. 

The number of level electrodes can be increased either to 5 using our 5 level electrode holders, or further by using single level electrode holders or a combination of multiple level electrodes - to increase the number of level control points.

Liquid Level Electrodes for Aggressive Media

Our level electrodes are all available in a range of materials designed for immersion both aggressive and non-aggressive media. As standard our level electrodes are available with 316 Stainless Steel, PVC Coated Level Electrodes, Hastelloy, and Carbon Graphite, other materials are available upon request. 

Level Switches & Float Switches

In addition to our level electrodes we offer level switches or float switches. These are devices that are designed to be inserted into tanks, pits and weirs, and give a contact closure when the level changes above or below a desired point.

The level switches / float switches are available as free floating level switches, or as rigid insertion types with a mounted float switch directly in contact with the solution at the switching point. 

These are simple and reliable devices for level control options and can be used for both high level and low level alarm systems. The float switches are a great solution as a high level alarm device which can be used as a fail safe to close device in certain systems. 

In addition to simple and reliable operation - the float switches are available manufactured in Polyurethane, PolyPropylene and PVDF for improved chemical resistance in aggressive media. 

Liquid Level Controllers, Electrodes and Float Switches

Liquid Level Sensors

Liquid Level Sensors

Our range of conductive liquid level sensors for use with a suitable level controller. 

The conductive liquid level sensor range includes our single level electrodes and multiple level electrodes with a range of mounting options. 

The level sensor range includes our level sensors in 316 Stainless Steel, Plastic Coating, Hastelloy, Titanium and Carbon Graphite.

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Liquid Level Controller

Liquid Level Controller

Our Turbidity Transmitters combine an integrated Turbidity Sensor complete with the electronics to provide a 4-20mA current output for integration directly into a PLC, Digital Chart Recorder or Online Data Logger.

Using the nephelometric principle or back scattering principle our range of Turbidity Transmitters are ideally suited for drinking water, post filtration, raw water, effluent monitoring applications as well as a range of process and aqua culture applications.

The turbidity transmitter range have measuring ranges as low as 0.001 NTU and all the way up to 10'000 FTU measurements.

The turbidity transmitters are available as either flow line / pipe mounting turbidity transmitters or as submersible dip mounting turbidity transmitters.

Our submersible turbidity transmitters are also available with an optional auto-clean nozzle for hassle free installation.

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Level Switches & Float Switches

Level Switches & Float Switches

Our range of float switches and level switches are designed to be suspended into a tank and give a direct contact closure on a high or low level signal. 

With a polyurethane body our range of float switches are available with an optional counterweight - can be suspended into a tank and give a contact closure when the level changes beyond the tethering point. 

Our float switch or level switch assemblies are rigidly mounted into process tanks and vessels to give a contact closure on a low or high level. Manufactured in PVC, PolyPropylene, Stainless Steel and PVDF they give a contact closure for either high level or low level. 


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