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The Watermark From Automated Water & Effluent Ltd

Each edition of The Watermark form 2018 will appear in the list below as it's published.

If you need any information on a specific issue or anything mentioned in an issue then please don't hesitate to let get in touch with us.

The Watermark Spring 2018

The Watermark Spring 2018

The Watermark for Spring 2018 is now available to read online.

In the Spring 2018 issue of The Watermark we have a special feature on how to introduce reliable lime dosing to a pH correction system.

We also has have a brand new Temperature Controller - the SRT73 which is ideal for use with PRT devices such as a PT100 or PT1000.

Finally - we take a look at dosing pump spares, so that we can avoid unnecessary downtime and just keep on pumping.

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