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Double Confinement for Chemical Dosing


Double Confinement for Chemical Dosing

Automated Water and Effluent Limited offers a double confinement system to increase the safety of our dosing systems. These are used in many applications including pH adjustment of wastewater treatment, process solution strength control, evaporative cooling tower water dosing, chlorination of process waters and swimming pool water treatment.

Many of our customers use our pH and Redox controllers to control the addition of a chemical reagent in their industrial process via a chemical dosing pump. These are used to dose small accurate volumes of reagent such as concentrated acid or alkali as pumping hazardous chemicals under pressure is dangerous, to protect personnel in the event of a chemical leak, our red dosing pumps; either electronic or motor driven, are  available in polypropylene housings.

What is Double Confinement Dosing?

The custom made polypropylene housings have a clear PVC viewing window. The dosing line runs inside a second braided reinforced hose so any leak of the primary tubing is contained. The polypropylene housing can be fitted with a sensor to alarm if liquid is detected inside the polypropylene housing. Double confinement systems are used mostly for safety as an uncontained leak can be a high safety risk to operators and other staff if they're dealing with concentrated chemical reagents.

We offer red electronic dosing pumps, usually with manually adjustable stroke lengths, for foot mounting. For flat horizontal mounting, a mounting shelf is included in the polypropylene housing. Each pump also has an isolating valve, allowing maintenance without taking the whole system out of service. Our red electronic dosing pumps are ideal for pH correction when ordered with the optional external pacing input, allowing proportional control from our P7685 pH controller. These features offer substantial benefits when used in a pH neutralising system dosing both acid and alkali. This prevents over dosing and hunting from the acid reagent to the alkal and saves wasting reagents being used to treat each other.

Double confinement systems are important because pumping hazardous chemicals under pressure is dangerous. They offer a way to contain leaks in the event of something going wrong with the dosing process and in turn protect your staff from strong chemical reagents that could otherwise cause great harm.

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