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Portable turbidity meter for making turbidity measurements and sample readings


Portable Turbidity Meter

A portable Turbidity Meter is a field instrument designed to take stand-alone turbidity measurements from a combined sensor and instrument. As a combined turbidity sensor and instrument, Turbidity meters are ideal for use out on-site.

Portable Turbidity Meter

A portable turbidity meter uses the same nephelometric turbidity measuring principle as used in our permanently installed sensors, but with one major difference. A portable Turbidity instrument normally involves taking a sample of the solution to be measured and then measuring the turbidity of the sample. A piece of permanently installed equipment is able to make continuous or online turbidity measurements.

Portable Turbidity Meter Calibration

As the portable turbidity meter measures a sample to ascertain the Turbidity value - the calibration of the portable instruments is simple and straight forward. We supply our portable turbidity meters complete with samples - which are supplied in sealed containers for a superior shelf life.

By following the simple calibration procedure to ensure that the Turbidity meter is accurate across a full range of Turbidity measurements - when a sample is measured the instrument is able to automatically range itself to ensure both an accurate measurement is taken, and that the maximum resolution is available for increased precision.

Turbidity Meter Range

Portable Turbidity Meter TN100-IR

Portable Turbidity Meter TN100-IR

TN100-IR Portable Turbidity Meter for laboratory levels of accuracy from a portable or field instrument.

Auto-ranging instrument with measurements from as low as 0.01 NTU up to 1000 NTU.

Nephelometric Turbidity measurement prinicple with 90° back scattering and 850nm wavelength light on the infrared spectrum.

Over 1200 samples from 4 x AAA batteries and supplied in carry case complete with calibration solutions.

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