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Chlorine Controller

Surface mounted chlorine controller CL7635W

The CL7635 is a chlorine controller, designed to work with an open amperometric chlorine sensor or with our SZ283 potentiostatic Chlorine sensor.

CL7635 Chlorine Controller Introduction

The CL7635 is a chlorine controller, designed for use in a number of applications, including swimming pool chlorination, potable water applications and industrial disinfection / sanitisation processes including pulp & paper and bottling plant operations.

Designed to work with either an open amperometric chlorine cell or our SZ283 Potentiostatic Chlorine Sensor, and when combined with our SZ283, the CL7635 is designed to measure Free Chlorine / Residual Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide or Bromine. 

The CL7635 Chlorine Controller is a panel mounted controller which is also available in panel mounting configuration.  The CL7635 has a large bright red LED digital display in a DIN spec housing 96 x 96mm and is designed for the DN 47300 standard.  This instrument also has a very short case length at only 95mm, allowing the controller to be mounted into compact sized control panels, saving on both space and cost.

The easy to use CL7635 Chlorine Controller has 8 buttons located on the front for easy access to the setup, configuration and calibration areas of the software. This enables an easy setup and configuration to be possible and makes periodic calibration a simple process with the dedicated Zero and Sensitivity calibration buttons.

To ease the installation of the CL7635 Chlorine Controller, the instrument is fitted with a switch mode power supply which is suitable for a supply voltage of 86 - 264 VAC 50 / 60Hz.

The CL7635 Chlorine Controller includes 2 x control relays for use in either High or Low operation and an alarm relay which is operated when the Chlorine reading is outside of the user-configurable parameter.

In addition, the CL7635 has a 4-20mA output isolated to 600Ω making it ideal for incorporation into BMS or PLC systems, as well as with an online Data Logger or with a digital Chart Recorder.

CL7635 Chlorine Ranges

The CL7635 Chlorine controller is able to measure chlorine as either PPM or mg/L across the following ranges:-

Chlorine Measuring RangeResolution
0 - 2.000 PPM 0.001 PPM
0 - 20.00 PPM 0.01 PPM

As a sophisticated Chlorine Controller, the CL7635 can take an input from a temperature sensor to provide automatic temperature compensation across a user-configurable range, from 0-3.5% of the measured value.

CL7635 Chlorine Controller with 4-20mA Output

The CL7635 has an industry standard 4-20mA output which correlates to the user selectable ranges.  This ensures that the 4-20mA will give an accurate output corresponding to the range, with 4mA at the lowest point, and the 20mA at the top of the selected range.

The 4-20mA output is isolated into 600Ω so that it is incredibly easy to connect to a PLC, Online Data Logger, digital Chart Recorder or other device.

CL7635 Chlorine Controller with Control Relays

The front panel of the CL7635 includes 8 keys that allow simple navigation of the options of the panel mounted chlorine controllers.  The Zero and Span for the calibration procedure are mounted on the front of the controller.  In addition, both set-points are identified with their own front mounted button, allowing their values to be easily changed.

The dedicated up/down arrows on the front of the controller provide for the easy modification of either the calibration or set-point values.  This decreases initial setup time, or the time spent during periodic calibration or maintenance.

The 2 x control set-points and 2 x control relays can be set to high or low operation independently.  Each of the control relays includes a variable hysteresis and a delay timer which can be set from 0-100 seconds.

In addition to the control relays, the CL7635 has an alarm relay which is energised when the measured chlorine value is outside of the set parameters.

There is also a logic input on the CL7635 which takes a volt free contact closure input. When activated the logic input isolates the output relays preventing them from energising. The Logic Input can be connected directly to the alarm relay if required.

CL7635 Easy to use Chlorine Controller

The CL7635 is a simple to use Chlorine controller.

In addition there is a password locked configuration screen which allows the user to change the less frequently adjusted settings.

For routine calibration of the instrument, the Zero and Span of the instrument are easily adjustable with a quick and easy menu driven calibration procedure.

The measuring range in PPM or mg/L is clearly visible on the front panel of the instrument, as are the current status of both the set-point 1 relay, and the set-point 2 relay. In addition the alarm relay status is clearly visible from the front of the instrument as is the logic input status.

The versatility of the microprocessor accompanied by the user friendly software allows the programming of the functions; routine checks and calibration to be easily accomplished, even by untrained operators.  Installation of the CL7635 series of instruments is intended to be into a control panel or in the optional surface mounting enclosure.

CL7635 Chlorine Controller Specifications

  • Specifications


    Model No:- CL7635

    Chlorine Range:- 0 - 2.000 PPM (mg/L)

    Chlorine Resolution:- 0.001 PPM (mg/L)

    Chlorine Range:- 0 - 20.00 PPM (mg/L)

    Chlorine Resolution:- 0 - 0.01 PPM (mg/L)

    Supported Chlorine Sensors:- Polarographic, Open Amperometric, Pontiostatic

    Temp. Compensation:- 0-3.5% base 20°C / 25°C

    Temp. Compenstation Range:- 0°C to 50°C

    Set Points:- 2 Min / Max selectable, contact SPST, 5 Amp inductive

    Action:- On/Off with delay timer of 0-100 secs

    Current output:- 0-20/ 4-20mA isolated into 600Ω

    Zero:- ±1 PPM (mg/L)

    Slope:- 80% / 110%

    Mains Supply:- 85 - 264 Volt, 50 / 60Hz switch mode power supply

    Power Consumption:- 6 VA

    Weight:- 400 grams DIN version

    Dimensions:- 96 x 96 x 95mm cutout 92 x 92mm

  • Features


    • Chlorine controller for use in measuring free chlorine / residual chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide or Bromine accurately for a numerous water treatment, wet leisure or process applications.
    • Available as a surface mounting instrument or as a panel mounting instrument to integrate into your processes.
    • Easy to setup, install and use.
    • Bright display suitable for use even in bright sunlight.
    • Two control relays and an alarm relay with easy to configure set-points.
    • Alarm relay which is engaged when the dissolved oxygen value is out of parameter (e.g. above and below a desired range) which can be linked into the logic input.
    • Isolated 4-20mA current output isolated into 600Ω, which is ideal for data-logging or connecting to a PLC.
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