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P7685 pH controller

pH Controller for proportional dosing

P7685 ph controller for proportional dosing

The P7685 pH controller for proportional dosing is available in either panel mounting or surface mounting configuration.

P7685 pH Controller For Proportional Dosing Introduction

The P7685 pH controller is designed to provide reliable, accurate, repeatable and dependable measurement and control of industrial pH processes.

For those applications where precise control is required our model P7685 pH controller is the ideal partner featuring two proportional outputs, an expandable 4-20mA output and an alarm relay with delay timer.

The 16 character alphanumeric LCD displays the measured parameter and provides information about the state of the control and alarm relays.

Also accessible is an indication of the operating condition of the sensor. The versatility of the microprocessor accompanied by the user-friendly software allows the programming of the functions, routine checks and calibration to be easily accomplished even by untrained operators.

The model P7685 pH controller is a microprocessor panel mounting pH/mV & Temperature instrument. The controller is designed for control panel mounting in a 92 x 92mm din standard cutout and is also available as a surface mounting instrument.

The unit operates from a power supply of either 110 VAC or 230 VAC 50/60Hz. The model P7685 pH controller is able to measure and proportionally control pH or Redox (ORP) millivolt.

The measuring discipline is user selectable and the pH input is also selectable for either Glass pH Probes or Antimony pH Probes.

The temperature input provides both a selectable temperature indication and auto temperature compensation of the pH range. The P7685 controller is able to measure pH across the 0.00 - 14.00 pH scale, ±1000mV on the Redox (ORP) millivolt scale and from -10ºC - +110ºC on the temperature scale.

The temperature measurement and Automatic Temperature Compensation are available through the use of a Pt100 temperature sensor. These are available from AWE Direct as either a pH Electrode with a built in Temperature Sensor, or as a separate stand alone temperature sensor.

When measuring pH we suggest pairing our instrumentation with an AWE pH electrode or another good quality electrode. For Redox measurement we recommend pairing the P7685 with an AWE Platinum band Redox Probe or another precision Redox probe. We also have Antimony pH Probes for use with applications where Hydrofluoric Acid may be present.

Proportional Control Relays, PFM, PWM, or On/Off Control and Alarm Relay.

The model P7685 pH controller features two control relays which can be programmed for either On/Off control, PFM control to proportionally control electronic metering pumps or PWM to time proportionally control solenoid valves or small pumps.

The P7685 is also fitted with an adjustable alarm relay with delay timer. This can operate on both a high and low measured value.

The P7685 proportional control relays offer PFM (pulse frequency modulation) output for proportional control of our electronic dosing pumps. The P7685 has adjustable set points and proportional band selectable for either one acid and one alkali-dosing pump.

In this instance the pH value of the measured solution can be efficiently corrected using either an acid dosing pump and an alkali dosing pump. For a pH value below the desired setpoint (e.g. a measured value of 6.00pH requiring correcting to a value of 7.00pH) the P7685 controller would call for the alkali metering pump to dose. When correcting from a value of 8.00pH to 7.00pH the P7685 controller would call for the acid dosing pump to dose.

The PFM output signal from the P7685 will mean that the a compatible dosing pump such as our ATAM series will automatically vary the frequency or number of strokes the pump makes per minute. As the pH scale is logarithmic, the amount of chemical required to correct from a pH of 5.00 to 7.00 is ten times greater than the amount of chemical required to correct from 6.00 to 7.00 pH.

Using a proportional control pH controller like the P7685 means that when correcting from 5.00pH to 7.00pH the controller will call for the pump to dose at a much higher rate when initially correcting from 5.00 pH and as the measured value reaches 7.00 pH the controller will call for the pump to dose a small amount or less frequently to ensure that the required pH value is both reached precisely and the amount of correcting chemical being dosed is delivered as efficiently as possible.

The P7685 pH controller for proportional dosing is also able to be setup for a duty and assist type installation. This is particularly useful in a number of applications specifically when a certain pH value has to be reached quickly or held during process control.

For instance if a pH value of 2.00 pH has to be maintained during a process - the P7685 can operate two different pumps both dosing a strong acid. Normally one of these would be a dosing pump with a large output and the second being a small dosing pump.

The larger of the pumps can be proportionally controlled to bring the pH down to a level close to 2.00 pH (approximately 2.50 pH), then a second pump could be called to trim the pH to the desired level of 2.00 pH. Depending on the process and whether the pH value rises during the process, either the smaller or the larger pump can be called to efficiently maintain the required pH value; (2.00 pH in this example.)

pH controller with expandable 4-20mA for proportional control

The P7685 pH Controller 4-20mA proportional output is an industry standard current output signal which can be used with a number of compatible devices including PLC's, Data-loggers, and other associated items.

The P7685 pH Controller with an expandable 4-20mA output signal, means that the 4-20mA output can either represent the full 0-14.00 pH scale or a proportion of the range. So for instance the 4-20mA can be set over the 7.00 to 10.00 pH range where a 4mA is produced at 7.00 pH and a 20mA signal is produced at the 10.00 pH value.

By incorporating an expandable 4-20mA signal the pH controller can work with an input device such as a dosing pump or another piece of control equipment. This could be used to proportionally control the pH value by either increasing the frequency or number of strokes the pump makes per minute to allow for precise control and efficient use of chemical.

The isolated output corresponds to the measuring range selected which will expand in units of 1pH and can be programmed for either 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA. The P7685 pH controller for proportional dosing in either panel mounting or surface mounting configuration with two control points on/off, PFM for proportional control of dosing pumps or PWM for proportional control solenoid valves, alarm relay with delay timer and isolated and expandable 0 (4) -20 mA current output has the electronics housed into an anodised aluminium case providing excellent EMC properties, and the rear of the case is fitted with two plug-in connector blocks for ease of installation and maintenance.

  • Specifications


    Model No:- P7685

    pH Range:- 0-14.00 pH

    Redox Range:- -1999 to +1999 mV

    Temp. Compensation:- Manual or Auto via 3 wire PT100 or PT1000

    Temp. Range:- -10ºC to 110ºC

    Input:- pH electrode, Antimony pH electrode,

    Redox Electrode

    Set Points:- 2 on/off, high/low selectable, 5 amp inductive

    Action:- On/Off, PFM, PWM, and with delay timer

    Current output:- 0-20 / 4-20mA isolated into 600Ω

    Zero:- Adjustable

    Slope:- Adjustable

    Mains Supply:- 230 Volt / 115 Volt, 50 / 60Hz.

    Power Consumption:- 5 VA

    Weight:- 850 grams DIN version

    Dimensions:- 96 x 96 x 155mm cutout 91.5 x 91.5mm

  • Features


    • Sophisticated microprocessor based instrument with a huge array of control options
    • Despite the array of options the P7685 has a simple menu driven setup and configuration procedure
    • Proportional pH control means that pH can be brought in line using less chemical and precisely controlled for pH critical applications.
    • Works with both pH and Redox, and can also work with Antimony Electrodes, making it perfect for HF (Hydrofluoric Acid) applications.
    • PFM control relay for use with proportional controlled dosing pumps, PWM controlled relay for use with solenoid valves
    • Expandable 4-20mA or 0-20mA output and invertible 4-20mA / 0 - 20mA, meaning that the high and low points can be expressed over a custom range of the pH or Redox scale either for proportional control, or greater resolution over a finite pH scale - particularly useful in critical pH and Redox applications.
    • Alarm relay, delay times, expandable and invertible outputs, all within a precision pH controller - the P7685 is an excellent instrument for even the most complicated pH control tasks.
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