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1/4" ID Reinforced PVC Tubing

1 1/4 inch reinforced PVC tubing RPVC125

1 1/4 inch reinforced PVC hose comprises of a layer of highly resistant polyester, sandwiched between two flexible PVC layers.

1 1/4" Reinforced PVC Tubing

Reinforced PVC tubing 125.0RPVC is our 1 1/4" bradied PVC tube which has an internal diameter of 32mm and an external diameter of 41mm.  The 125.0RPVC is a multi-purpose hose, suitable for a range of applications, including connecting directly to a mechanical dosing pump or for containment of other types of dosing tube.

The three layer design significantly improves upon the mechanical properties of PVC, with the reinforcement layer of resistant polyester fibre allowing the hosing to be used for pressurised applications.

Offering good chemical resistance, excellent mechanical properties and a low cost, the reinforced PVC tubing is suitable for both direct dosing applications and containment applications.  We strongly recommend checking the compatibility of your chemical reagent with the PVC dosing tube, using our chemical compatibility checker.

1 1/4 inch Reinforced PVC tubing Dosing Tube Properties

Internal DiameterOutside DiameterTolerancesWeightBurst PressureTemp. RangeBend Diameter
32mm 41mm ±1.0 mm 634 g/m 36 Bar -15°C to + 60°C 355mm

Technical information for use as a guide only.  Pressure values given are based on the short term burst pressure at 20°C.  Any increase in temperature above 20°C will result in a decline in working pressure values.  We strongly recommend you check our chemical compatibility database and speak to your chemical supplier, to ensure that all materials are compatible with the chemical to be dosed.

1 1/4" Reinforced PVC tubing Features & Benefits

1 1/4" Reinforced PVC dosing hose is a good general purpose hose, suitable for direct delivery applications and for containment.  It is available in continuous lengths, up to 50 metres, or cut to size.

The materials used in the reinforced PVC tubing provide it with flexibility, high transparency and a degree of UV protection.  Reinforced PVC dosing hose is suitable for use in food & beverage applications and the 1 1/4" braided PVC tubing doesn't impart taste or odour into contents.

125.0RPVC Specifications

  • Specifications


    11/4" Reinforced PVC tubing

    Model Number:- 125.0RPVC

    Internal Diameter:- 32mm

    External Diameter:- 41mm

    Tolerance:- ±1.0mm

    Weight:- 629 Grams / Metre

    Burst Pressure (at 20°C):- 36 Bar

    Bend Diameter:- 350mm

    Minimum Temperature:- -15°C

    Maximum Temperature:- +60°C

  • Applications


    11/4" reinforced PVC tubing is a multipurpose hose suitable for a number of different applications. Commonly the 125.0RPVC is used as a direct connection from one of our mechanical dosing pumps or as a containment medium for use with smaller diameter dosing tube.

    The 11/4" reinforced PVC tubing is flexible, highly transparent and provides a degree of UV protection. The polyester fibre core provides greater mechanical strength significantly improving the operating pressure and mechanical strength of the PVC hose for use in industrial environments.

    When used as direct connection from a mechanical dosing pump we strongly recommend that you check that 1 1/4 of an inch reinforced PVC tubing is compatible with your chemical reagent using our chemical compatibility database or with your chemical supplier and that all chemical dosing tube is protected from frost, direct sunlight and is installed inside a secondary pipe or hose to provide mechanical protection and containment.

    Braided PVC Hose is suitable for use in the food & beverage sector and is available in a single continuous length up to 50 metres or cut to size.

  • Appearance


    11/4" Reinforced PVC tubing is manufactured with a resistant polyester core sandwiched between two layers of PVC to reinforce the dosing hose. This gives the 1 1/4 Inch PVC dosing hose a transparent appearance where the polyester reinforcement can clearly be seen.

    The 1 1/4 braided PVC doing hose is stamped with:-

    • Ø In
    • Ø Out
    • (EU) No 10/2011 Food & Drink approval
    • Working Pressure [BAR]
    • Batch Number

    The PVC braided hose is suitable for use in the food & beverage sector and the polyester reinforcement core provides a degree of UV protection.


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