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Pg13.5 Threaded pH Electrode with S8 Connector

PG13.5 thread ph electrode with s8 connector model 9015 S8

pH electrode with PG13.5 thread - Model 9015-S8 Introduction

The 9015-S8 is a general purpose epoxy bodied sealed combination pH electrode designed for use in the swimming pool and hyrdroponics markets. Specifically designed for applications where the environment isn't too harsh for the pH electrode. The epoxy body reduces the cost and the PG13.5 thread enables the pH electrode to be mounted in a number of european style holders.

The 9015-S8 general purpose budget pH electrode with PG13.5 thread and S8 connector is a sealed combination budget pH electrode with S8 connector and has a low impedance glass bulb, single junction reference and a silver - silver chloride element.

Hydroponics and Swimming Pool pH electrode

With an S8 Connector and PG13.5 thread, the 9015-S8 is an excellent choice as a swimming pool or hydroponics pH electrode. Both wet leisure and hydroponics applications mean that the maximum temperature of 60ºC shouldn't be exceeded for this pH electrode.

In addiition the nature of these applications mean that it's unlikely that aggressive chemicals will come into contact with the epoxy body, further extending it's operating life.

The 9015-S8, as with any pH electrode supplied from Automated Water & Effluent Ltd, has high quality pH electrode glass and materials of construction. This means that the 9015-S8 gives precise pH readings and has excellent response times.

For custom fitting types, please see the below table for the ordering number and options:-

  • Specifications


    Budget pH Electrode

    Model No:- 9015-S8

    Range:- 0-13 pH

    Operating temperature:- 0-60ºC

    Electrode type:- Low cost PG13.5 threaded electrode for swimming pool and hydroponics applications

    Junction:- Single Junction

    Reference:- Wick type, Silver-Silver-Chloride Reference

    Dimensions:- 110 mm Long x 12mm ø

    Additional:- PG13.5 thread and S8 connection

  • Ordering Information

    Model NumberCable LengthConnector
    9015-10B 3 Metres BNC Connector (Most Common)
    9015-S8 N/A S8 Connector (No Cable)
    9015-10T 3 Metres Stripped & Tinned Connections

    For more information on the connection type please take a look at our pH electrode connection types page.

    Electrodes with a longer cable or custom cable length are available to order. 


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