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Portable pH Simulator

portable ph simulator aps2

Portable pH Simulator available, Certified to National Standards

The APS2 portable pH simulator is designed to calibrate pH controllers using a precise electrical signal which corresponds to the ideal signal from a pH electrode.

The APS2 is powered from a single PP3 9 Volt battery ensuring total portability.

Supplied complete with a BNC process connector the portable pH simulator simply replaces the existing pH electrode connected to the pH controller. Then when the instrument is powered up, the desired pH value can be replicated by the pH simulator and displayed on the pH instrument.

The APS2 is a precision instrument like all the devices within our AWE Instruments range and as such it can be calibrated and certified to national standards. When ordering the APS2 portable pH simulator, simply stipulate your requirements and we can then supply the instrument complete with a certificate tracing the instrument Serial Number to a UK Government Agency Certificate Number as evidence to external auditing agencies for the instruments suitability as a certified device.

Portable pH Simulator operation

The APS2 is designed to be simple to operate, either in the field, laboratory or during testing of control equipment. The toggle switch allows the user to select for battery test mode. This indicates when a low power level is present. As this can affect the mV output signal of the pH simulator, if this indicator light isn't present we recommend changing the battery before continuing with the test.

If the battery indicator light is illuminated then we are able to sellect the toggle switch down to 0Ω for pH or mV simulation mode.

If the battery indicator light is illuminated in pH or Redox measuring mode then the battery should be replaced before continuing. 

If the light is not illuminated we are safe to continue.

In pH simulation mode, simply move the front mounted potentiometer to the desired value to ensure that the corresponding pH value is transmitted to the instrument. This should be displayed on the screen of the pH instrument that you are working with.

Simulating Dirty pH Electrodes

The APS2 has an impedance toggle switch which is labelled 0Ω  or 250 MΩ. This is designed to show the signal transmitted from a pH electrode which is either dirty or near end of life. If the corresponding pH signal is different to the expected value or straying from the desired value then this is indicative of: a damp cable, poor connections, failed solder joints or another electrical connection failure.

Portable Redox or ORP Simulator

The APS2 portable pH simulator also has the option to offer redox or ORP simulation. By simply adjusting the toggle switch, the APS2 can be put into Redox (ORP) Simulation mode. By adjusting the front mounted potentiometer the APS2 is able to simulate the desired Redox value for a corresponding Redox Instrument.

Portable pH Simulator Features and Benefits

The APS2 portable pH and Redox Simulator is an exceptionally useful instrument. Normally used to test Redox and pH instruments, the unit is an excellent time saving tool, for fault diagnosis.

If control equipment is being called for, from a pH controller, then by simply simulating the corresponding pH value, it's easy to ensure that a pump or solenoid valve is receiving the correct signal.

Additionally, if a pH or Redox value is out of scope we can simulate the pH signal and diagnose whether the fault lies with the pH Electrode, Redox Electrode, cable or instrument.

For process, water treatment and effluent engineers, the device can be used to test existing instrumentation and ensure that it is acting in the desired manner. Simply remove the existing process pH electrode and connect the simulator to ensure that the device is able to run through a calibration procedure when given the correct pH values. (Each instrument should have the pH calibration procedure listed within the supplied documentation.)

For system builders working with control panels or PLC's, the APS2 pH Simulator is a great time saving device. Where a complex system is operating, based on a number of conditions, the pH value can be simulated to ensure the device is working as intended.

  • Specifications


    Portable pH and Redox Simulator

    Model No:- APS2

    pH Range:- 0pH, 2pH, 4pH, 5pH, 6pH, 7pH, 8pH, 9pH, 10pH 12pH, 14 pH

    Redox (ORP) Range:- ± 200mV, 400mV, 600mV, 1000mV & 1400 mV.

    Impendance Settings:- Zero and 250 Meg Ohms.

    Output Connections:- 1 Metre cable with BNC connector.

    Power supply:- 1 x PP3 9 volt battery

    Battery life:- approx 250 hours

    Dimensions:- 147 mm x 92mm x 33 mm

  • Features


    • Precision Portable pH simulator and Redox Simulator running from a single PP3 battery; a great addition to a water or process professionals toolkit allowing them to simulate a pH or Redox value during installation, commissioning or on going calibration of pH or Redox instrumentation
    • Supplied complete with a process connector allowing the pH simulator or Redox Simulator to be connected to an instrument in place of the existing electrode simply and easily
    • Perfect for use in diagnosing faults with instrumentation, we can easily test where in the measurement and control process a fault is based
    • Test for poor connections to pH electrodes and simulate a pH sensor which is near its end of life
    • Precision instrument which can be certified to UK standards by individual instrument serial number for external auditing bodies.


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