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PVC Injection Valve for use with 8x12mm tubing

PVC injection valve 8x12mm with integral non-return valve

10413PVCGP Injection Valve with integral non-return valve manufactured in PVC.

10413PVCGP Injection Valve Introduction

The 10413PVCGP injection valve is designed to be connected to a dosing pump using 8x12mm dosing tube and then screwed into a process using the 3/8" or 1/2" BSP threaded connections.

The Injection valve includes a spring and ball assembly to provide a non-return valve with a cracking pressure of approximately 0.2 Bar.  The spring mechanism is not designed to provide anti-syphon functionality and for this we recommend using an anti-syphon or multifunction valve.

The dosing tube is connected to the injection valve using a compression fitting arrangement, to secure the dosing tube into place.  This connection is suitable for pressurised applications up to 20 Bar.

10413PVCGP Injection Valve Wetted Parts

The 10413PVCGP injection valve is manufactured with the following wetted parts:-

Body MaterialSpringBallSeals & O-Rings
PVC Hastelloy C Ceramic or PTFE Viton, EPDM or PTFE

We strongly recommend checking the wetted parts of the injection valve against our chemical compatibility database or speaking with your chemical supplier, to ensure that all the parts are compatible with the chemical to be dosed.

injection valve breakdown

10413PVCGP Injection Valve Installation

The injection valve should be connected to the dosing tube by threading the lock nut and compression ring over the dosing tube.

The tube should then be pushed over the cone assembly and the compression ring offered up to the cone.

By tightening the lock nut over the compression ring will ensure that cone and compression ring are forced together to create a tight seal.

The lock nut should be hand tightened.  We don't recommend using a tool to tighten this as it could result in damage or breakage to the lock nut.

The insertion carries both 1/2" BSP and 3/8" BPS threaded connections for screwing directly into the process.

The injection valve can be connected to a tank or directly into pipework.  If the 1/2" BSP thread is to be used then the 3/8" BSP thread can be removed or left in place, depending on the installation type.

The injection valve only allows the fluid to pass one way though the valve.  The spring and ball assembly prevent fluid from the process flowing back into the delivery pipework, or acts as a non-return valve.  When considering the pressure of the dosing pump, please ensure that it is capable of delivering against the pressure inside the pipe plus 0.2 Bar, to overcome the cracking pressure of the injection valve.

The injection valve is fully compatible with saddle clamps or if the chemical reagent is to be dosed into the centre of the pipework the injection valve can be connected to an injection quill.

10413PVCGP Features & Benefits

The 10413PVCGP allows chemical dosing pumps to inject chemical into a tank or pipe safely.  The non-return section of the injection valve prevents the process solution from returning up the delivery pipework and has a minimal cracking pressure to minimise the pressure requirement on the dosing pump.

Manufactured in PVC with a number of options on the wetted parts, the 10413PVCGP is designed to ensure a long operational life, even when working with process strength chemicals.

The 10413PVCGP is supplied compatible with 8x12mm dosing tube and with 3/8" BSP and 1/2" BSP threaded connections, allowing greater flexibility when installing the injection valve.

10413PVCGP Specifications

  • Specifications


    Injection Valve with non-return valve

    Model Number:- 10413PVCGP

    Body Material:- PVC

    Dosing Tube Size:- 8x12mm

    Thread Size(s):- 3/8" BSP & 1/2" BSP

    Non-return Valve Type:- Spring Return

  • Applications


    The 10413PVCGP injection valve is suitable for use in industrial applications where a chemical reagent needs to be injected into a process.

    The integral non-return valve ensures that the process fluid cannot return back through the delivery pipework and that only the chemical reagent can can flow into the process.

    With both 1/2" BSP and 3/8" BSP threads the injection valve is easily installed into a vessel or a process pipe.

    Using the compression fitting assembly the 10413PVCGP can be easily secured onto 8x12mm dosing tube. 

    We strongly recommend that you check that the process chemicals that you are planning on using are compatible with the materials of construction used in the injection valve, either using our chemical compatibility database or by checking with your chemical supplier.

  • Ordering Information

    Model NumberMaterialDosing TubeSeals & O-RingsSpringBall Valve
    10413PVC PVC 4x6mm Viton Hastelloy-C Ceramic
    10413EPVC PVC 4x6mm EPDM Hastelloy-C Ceramic
    10413EPVCGP PVC 8x12mm EPDM Hastelloy-C Ceramic
    10413P PVDF 4x6mm Viton Hastelloy-C Ceramic
    10413EP PVDF 4x6mm EPDM Hastelloy-C Ceramic
    10413GP PVDF 8x12mm Viton Hastelloy-C Ceramic
    10413EPGP PVDF 8x12mm EPDM Hastelloy-C Ceramic

    Please use our chemical compatibility checker to ensure that the wetted parts are compatible with your process. If you're unsure please don't hesitate to contact our friendly sales team.


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