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Suspended Float Switch

Suspended Float Switch

The FS10 is a suspended float switch, ideal for both clean and dirty environments.  Available to operate with a N/O or N/C connection for either high level or low level usage.

Suspended Float Switch FS10 Introduction

Sometimes in engineering the best solutions are the simple solutions, and the FS10 suspended float switch is a great example of a simple and practical device for adding level controls to tanks and systems.

The FS10 is very simple to use and to install.  The float is simply mounted into a tank using an optional counterweight.  As the liquid level in the tank rises and falls the FS10 floats with the changing level, as the level falls or rises beyond a desired point a switch is triggered to allow a connected device to be controlled.

The FS10 is manufactured in corrosion resistant PolyEthylene with a mercury free float switch and 10 metres of PVC connecting cable to ensure compatibility with a wide range of media and applications.  With an internally mounted stainless steel ball, which moves inside the housing as the float rises and falls, this operates a mercury micro-switch which enables a switching unit with a change-over unit.  The most common being a Normally Open and a Normally Closed contact rated at 10 amp non-inductive or 4 amps inductive.

Suspended Float Switch FS10 Features & Benefits

For switching and controlling devices in a tank, the FS10 is a simple and reliable solution.

Manufactured in corrosion resistant PolyEthylene with a PVC cable, the FS10 is compliant in a range of liquid media and it suitable for use in both clean and dirty applications.

The FS10 is also available with an optional adjustable counterweight.  This can be used to increase the available switching range.  With or without the counterweight, the FS10 is ideal for filling or emptying duties or a cost effective high or low level alarm.

Suspended Float Switch FS10 Specifications

  • Specifications


    Suspended Float Switch

    Model No:- FS10

    Range:- 0-10 Bar

    Max. Operating Temperature:- 55°C

    Wetted Parts:- Moulded PolyEthylene Body and PVC sheathed Cable

    Max Switching Voltage:- 250 VAC

    Max Inductive Load:- 4 Amp

    Max Resistive Load:- 10 Amp

    Dimensions:- 172mm Long x 80mm ø

    Additional:- 20 Metre and 30 Metre cable lengths available

  • Data Sheets

    Data Sheets

  • Ordering Information

    Model NumberCable Length
    FS-10 10 Metres
    FS-20 20 Metres
    FS-30 30 Metres


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