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Process Control Equipment in Aerospace Manufacturing

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Automated Water & Effluent Ltd has a long history of supplying equipment into manufacturers and suppliers working in the Aerospace Manufacturing Industry

Whether supplying electrochemical sensors, instrumentation, bespoke process control solutions or effluent discharge treatment and monitoring solutions our equipment is always designed to withstand the rigours of our customers working in the aerospace sector.


We've worked with a range of companies working in the aerospace manufacturing industry that supply everything from fully formed aerospace solutions, fastenings, and components, each integral for aircraft to fly further, safer and efficiently.

While every customers requirement is different. Our customers in the aerospace industry have often utilised our experience, where we've provided systems for the automating process control applications, as well as supplying instrumentation, sensors and control equipment.

Specifically for the aerospace industry we have developed an ampere hour meter which allows the amount of current flowing through a process to be accurately measured and to control a dosing pump to provide a chemical reagent into the process. In addition our range of Redox control and pH control equipment is often used in both on the process control side as well as for effluent treatment.

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Dosing Pump

metering pump

Dosing pumps are items of control equipent designed to dose or meter chemical reagent into a process.

Our red dosing pumps are able to dose concentrated chemical reagents and provide accurate and reliable chemical dosing for process control, water treatment and effluent treatment applications.

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Conductivity is the measurement of electrical conductance, normally caused by ions dissolved in the measured solution.

Conductivity is an very useful measurement with a variety of applications, from measuring chemical reagent strength, water purity or controlling towns water feed across both process control and water treatment applications.

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pH is the measurement of hydrogen ion concentration and is a widely used electrochemical parameter for both process control applications and for effluent treatment.

The measurement and data-logging of the pH value following pH neutralisation is normally a conditional requirement for a consent to discharge agreement.

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