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Dosing pump range from AWE for chemical metering into a process


Dosing Pump & Metering Pump Range

Water Treatment, Effluent Treatment and Process Control applications often include a requirement to add chemical reagent to a process. There is significant variance in the type of chemical reagent to be added, the flow rate, pressure and the nature of the control methodology.

As we've been supplying both instrumentation and control equipment to industry since our inception in 1982, we have a wide range of experience in supplying dosing pumps to control numerous applications.

Our dosing pump range is designed to cover the full spectrum of control types, dosing rates and to ensure compatibility with a wide range of chemical reagents. Our online chemical compatibility checker is designed so that a range of chemical reagents can be checked against the wetted parts of a dosing pump, or to check the material of a dosing pump agains the chemical.

Each metering pump in our dosing pump range is designed to provide accurate chemical delivery, to run continually, and to provide many years of reliable service in process control applications.

Control Methodology - Manually Adjustable Dosing Pump

While each pump within our dosing pump range is able to operate in a constant dosing mode with a manually adjustable output, we also offer a specific dosing pump range designed to run in this way. This is where the pump is switched on or off either manually or from a controller, (such as a Timer, pH controllers, conductivity controllers, or practically any other controller).

The AT-BX dosing pump series are manually adjustable constant flow rate dosing pump with a flow rate from 0 - 60.0 Litres per Hour and a pressure up to 20.0 Bar. The AT-BL dosing pump series offer the same outputs with the addition of a low level cut-off which can be used with a low level float switch or suction lance assembly. We also offer manually adjustable dosing with our small biocide dosing pumps the HY-BL series.

Manually adjustable Dosing Pump Range

Proportional Control - Pulsed input Dosing Pump

Many control applications call for precision dosing of chemical reagent based on a pulsed input. Common applications include sodium hypochlorite dosing pumps, which dose proportional to the flow based on the signal from a water meter or in other chlorine dosing or biocide dosing applications.

Proportional control dosing pumps are frequently used as acid dosing pumps or alkaline dosing pumps, where the logarithmic nature of pH means a pulsed signal from a pH controller, such as the P7685, allows the pump to speed up and slow down to accurately maintain a set pH.

Our HY-BC series of pumps are small dosing pumps which dose proportionally to a pulsed input signal, we also offer our AT-AM series which dose proportionally to a pulsed signal or a 4-20mA input signal. The microprocessor range of dosing pumps the AT-MT series, offer many control options, one of which is proportional dosing to a pulsed signal. Each pump series has a variety of control options based on the pulsed signal such as multiplying, dividing, flow verification amongst many others.

Proportional Control Dosing Pump Range

Control Methodology - 4-20mA input Dosing Pump

As an alternative to a pulsed input signal dosing pump, we offer a 4-20mA dosing pump range. These are dosing pumps which dose proportionally to a 4-20mA input signal. In this instance on a 4mA signal the dosing pump stops metering chemical reagent into the process and at 20mA the dosing pump speeds up to deliver up to 100% of the pumps rated output.

4-20mA input dosing pumps are frequently used in process control applications, such as pH correction, solution strength control and many many other metering pump applications.

The HY-MA and AT-AM series of dosing pumps work on this methodology and the user can pre-set the maximum doing rate at 20mA.

The AT-MT microprocessor dosing pump series can also work with a 4-20mA input signal amongst other programmable dosing types, it is also able to invert and expand the dosing range over the 4-20mA input signal which is particularly useful if the 4-20mA input is coming from an instrument which doesn't allow the signal to be manipulated.

4-20mA Control Dosing Pump Range

Control Methodology - Microprocessor Controlled Dosing Pump

The microprocessor controlled or Smart Dosing Pumps are designed to integrate some of the process control functionality into the metering pump itself.

Our range of AT-MT dosing pumps offer precision user adjustable dosing inline with all of the above methodologies including, manually adjustable dosing from 0 - 100% of the rated output, working with a pulsed input signal from a water meter or controller offering the ability to multiply or divide the signal, and they can work with a 4-20mA input signal which can be manipulated inside the dosing pump software.

As well as these modes the smart dosing pump series can be set to dose based on the following modes:-

PPM Dosing - Maintain a desired PPM of chemical based on the input from a water meter, making them ideal as a chlorine dosing pump.

Batch Dosing - they can also be used to batch dose a desired amount of chemical - where the user inputs the amount of chemical to be transferred, e.g. 50 Litres, and the dosing pump will then automatically meter this amount of chemical into a process - this can be automated based on an input signal.

Timer Dosing - this is where the pump will dose for a preset time, e.g. 20 minutes, and can be automated based on an incoming signal.

Microprocessor controlled Smart dosing pumps

Pump Outputs

Our dosing pump range is ordered by the output flow rate and pressure as listed below. Click on the "Control Methodology" Tab to arrange by control method instead:-

  • Dosing Pump By Flow Rate & Pressure

    HY Series
    HY Flow
    AT1 Series
    AT1 Flow
    AT2 Series
    AT2 Flow
    AT3 Series
    AT3 Flow
    AT4 Series
    AT4 Flow
  • Dosing Pump By Control Method

    Constant Flow Rate / Manually Adjustable

    Constant Flow Rate / Manually Adjustable

    The constant flow rate dosing pump range are designed for continuous operation metering chemical reagents into a process. 

    The output flow rate of the pump is manually adjustable only and have output flow rates from 0 - 60 litres per hour and can output up to a pressure of 20 Bar.

    Within our constant flow rate / manually adjustable dosing pump range we offer fully manual operation in our BX range, and our BL range which has a low level float switch input - which will stop the pump from operating when a low chemical level is present.

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    Proportional Control - Pulsed Input / 4-20mA

    Proportional Control - Pulsed Input / 4-20mA

    Our proportional control dosing pump range allows a pump to automatically speed up or slow down based on an external signal.

    The automatic control is ideal for applications such as pH correction or sodium hypochlorite dosing. The proportional dosing pump range can be used with either a pulsed input signal from a water meter or pH controller, or from a 4-20mA input signal from a PLC or dedicated piece of control equipment. 

    Within our HY series we have the HY-BC which is for use with pulsed input signals only, the HY-MA which is for 4-20mA input signals only, the AT-AM series which can use wither a pulsed input signal or a 4-20mA input signal. 

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    Microprocessor Controlled

    Microprocessor Controlled

    The microprocessor control dosing pump range are our smart dosing pumps.

    Using the microprocessor the user can set up a pump to dose in one of the following ways:-

    • Continuous dosing with manually adjustable output.
    • Proportional to a 4-20mA input signal, and the 4-20mA input configured in the pump software.
    • Proportional to a pulsed input signal with the pulsed signal configured in the pump software.
    • Timed dosing where the pump operates for a set time period. 
    • PPM dosing based where the pump maintains a set parts per million of chemical based on a pulsed signal.
    • Batch dosing  - where a desired volume of chemical reagent can be delivered.

    The microprocessor dosing pump range has a maximum output up to 60 litres per hour and maximum pressure range of 20.0 Bar.

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