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Heavy Duty Immersible Redox Probe

heavy duty immersible redox probe model RTT90s

Heavy duty immersible Redox probe RTT90s includes our tuff tip RTT183-20B Redox electrode insert with non fouling magna-flow junction and tuff tip end.

Heavy Duty Immersible Redox Probe Introduction

The RTT90S is designed to be mounted into unpressurised vessels, tanks, pits or sumps where there is an increased probability of mechanical damage occurring.

We offer ex-stock deliveries on our standard RTT90S which measures 1 metre in length. This model incorporates the RTT183-20B Redox electrode insert with 6 metres of connecting cable, BNC connector and includes an adjustable mounting flange for installing straight into your process. We can build the RTT90S in lengths up to 3 metres for larger process vessels or mounting into pits and lagoons.

We recommend the heavy duty immersible Redox probe system is used when there is a significant risk of mechanical damage due to solids in the solution being measured. This means the RTT90S is suitable for installations in a process vessel where a high speed industrial mixer is present.

The RTT183-20B pH electrode insert is a combination Redox probe. It has a non fouling magna flow junction, which means that the only time the dip pH assembly needs to be removed from the process is for periodic calibration and cleaning. Also our RTT183-20B is manufactured with an integral double junction refernce  which means that it is resistant to poisoning from a process which could react with the Silver, Silver-Chloride reference material. With these key technologies in place, the RTT90s is designed to remain inside a process tank for the duration of it's lifespan.

The RTT90s demonstrates low cost of ownership.  At the end of life, the RTT183-20B can simply be unscrewed using the 3/4" thread and removed from remainder of the assembly where it can be safely discarded (in accordance with local guidelines) and then replaced with a new RTT183-20B tuff tip redox probe leaving the riser tube suitable to be re-used.

Heavy Duty Immersible Redox Probe Features & Benefits

The RTT90S is designed to fit into tanks, pits, sumps or other open vessels with a high risk of mechanical damage. The flat platinum disc electrode and tuff tip reference end of the dip Redox assembly make it impossible to break under normal operation.

When not removed for periodic calibration or maintenance, the heavy duty Redox probe should spend its life immersed in the measured solution providing the user with online Redox measurements. The RTT183-20B is resistant to electrode poisoning; is virtually unbreakable and offers accurate measurement of Redox values as well as a rapid response to changing Redox values. Aside from calibration and cleaning, there really is no reason to remove it from the measured process, meaning that the user gets accurate Redox readings continually from the Redox sensor.

The RTT183-20B is fitted with a 6 metre long length of low impedance specifically shielded electrode connecting cable and a BNC process connector as standard.  This allows for a simple and easy connection to a high quality Redox instrument. Other Redox electrode connections are also available.

The RTT90S heavy duty dip immersible Redox probe system is both rugged and accurate. With a full precision measurement across ± 2000mV and excellent response time to changes in Redox value, it's a great alternative to the RS90S when something more heavy duty is required.

  • Specifications


    Dip Redox system with heavy duty Redox probe

    Model No:- RTT90S

    Redox Probe Insert:-

    Operating temperature:- 0-60ºC

    Materials of construction PVC


  • Features


    • Heavy duty immersible Redox probe with a tuff tip Redox probe insert for the continuous monitoring of Redox in tanks, sumps and other open vessels.
    • The tuff tip design of immersible Redox probe with flat platinum disc means that the probe assembly is virtually unbreakable during normal usage.
    • A great choice of immersible Redox probe system for use in tanks and vessels where industrial mixers or other types of agitation are present and the risk of solids colliding with the Redox probe are increased.
    • The immersible Redox probe assembly can be manufactured up to 3000mm in length to ensure that the Redox value is being measured at the correct point.
    • Very low cost of ownership and cost effective replacements, by simply installing a new replacement pH electrode insert model RTT183-20B

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