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Redox Meter and portable redox meter


Portable Redox Meter

A portable Redox meter should offer precision Redox measurement in both laboratories and industrial environments. Our pH15-K Redox meter offers a way of satisfying these requirements in a single portable instrument.

Portable Redox Meter

By having a portable redox meter which is compatible with an external Redox Electrode we can ensure that a we're getting our Redox measurement from a precision source for accurate measurement. This offers the additional benefit for industrial environments where an existing installed Redox electrode can be connected using the process connection at the top of the instrument.

Our portable Redox meter is also able to measure the pH value of a solution as well as the temperature of the solution. While the pH value can be temperature compensated using our Redox meter, considering the nature of Redox measurements, the Redox value cannot be temperature compensated.

Redox Meter Calibration

The calibration of our portable Redox meter range is very simple. On our pH15-K model we have a potentiometer on the front of the instrument which allows the zero of the instrument to be set. By using a Redox Buffer Solution of a known value we simply calibrate our Redox meter and Redox electrode to the known value of the buffer solution to ensure that the instrument is reading accurately.

Due to the popularity of the portable Redox meter (and combined pH meter and temperature meter) we offer ex-stock deliveries on these items.

Portable Redox Meter Range

Portable Redox Meter pH15 K

Portable Redox Meter pH15 K


PH15-K Portable Redox / pH / Temperature meter kit with digital display and ranges of:-

  • 0 - 14.00 pH for pH Measurement
  • 0 - 1999 mV for Redox Measurement
  • -50°C to 150°C for Temperature Measurement

The PH15-K is fitted with automatic temperature compensation for pH measurements and is supplied with a 9015 - 3B epoxy bodied Redox electrode, stainless steel temperature sensor and carrying case.

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