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Chemical tank range including chemical storage tanks, dosing tanks, and bund tanks

Chemical Tank

The Automated Water & Effluent Ltd range of tanks are specially designed for use in process control, water treatment and waste water treatment applications.

All of the tanks we offer are manufactured in chemically resistant MPDE (Medium Density PolyEthylene) which can be supplied to food grade standards. Food grade MDPE is provided as standard in our range of dosing tanks, or upon request for our chemical storage tanks.  

In addition to our chemical storage tanks we offer a range of MDPE bund tanks specifically for use with our dosing tanks.

These bund tanks are able to store 110% of the total volume of the corresponding chemical dosing tank - so for a DT100 dosing tank holding 100 Litres of chemical the associated bund tank - the BT100 - has a capacity of at least 110 litres - the purpose of which is to provide a containment area if the dosing tank we're to fail or be compromised.

For our chemical storage tanks where the volume is greater than 1000 Litres we offer containment in the form of a self-bunded tank. This is sometimes referred to as a double skinned, double confined or self contained tank. The tank is manufactured to the storage volume required and then a secondary layer of MDPE is blow moulded around the primary tank providing a containment area - this holds the stored liquid in containment should the primary tank become compromised.  

Dosing Tank Range

Our range of dosing tank style chemical tanks are manufactured in food grade MDPE and are available with a natural colouring or with a black colouring. 

The black tanks are resistant to the effects of UV radiation which can cause problems with reagents that have a low vapour pressure, such as Sodium Hypochlorite and Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2).

The sizes of dosing tanks available are as following:- 

  • DT25 - 25 Litres
  • DT50 - 50 Litres
  • DT100 - 100 Litres
  • DT200 - 200 Litres
  • DT300 - 300 Litres
  • DT500 - 500 Litres
  • DT1000 - 1000 Litres

Each of our dosing tanks are supplied with a gradient indicator and raised flat section - which is ideal for mounting a dosing pumpindustrial mixer, liquid level control devices, liquid level measurement and / or other instrumentation.

Where industrial mixers or a combination of equipment is mounted on to the tank we can offer strengthening plates which fit to the top of the tank  - this gives improved stability when multiple items or heavy equipment is mounted on top of the tank. 

This dosing tanks are suitable for chemical storage - where the chemical stored in the tank can be dosed into a process using a dosing pump, which is often controlled by a pH controller for neutralisation, or a conductivity controller for solution strength control - as well as many other applications including chlorination, cooling water treatment or boiler dosing. 

Alternatively the dosing tanks can be used as process vessels or treatment vessels - where the reagents are blended with effluent or for water treatment as part of a treatment or process control application. In this instance we can provide the tanks with, pipework, pipe fittings and valves as required. 

Bund Tank Range

Each of the dosing tanks can be supplied with a corresponding bund tank which provides containment should the dosing tank becoming compromised, and are a prerequisite for many chemical storage tank applications.

We identify the bund tank corresponding to the dosing tank part number using our part numbers. Where the dosing tank part numbers begin with a DT to designated Dosing Tank followed by the storage capacity listed numerically, such as, 500 which designate the volume in litres the part number. So for example - the DT500 has 500 Litres storage capacity - the corresponding Bund Tank is designated with BT (Bund Tank) followed by the tank size it is designed to work with, e.g. the BT500 corresponds to the DT500, even though the actual capacity of the BT500 is at least 550 Litres.

The corresponding bund tanks are as follows:- 

  • BT25 - Suitable for 25 Litre Dosing Tanks
  • BT50 - Suitable for 50 Litre Dosing Tanks 
  • BT100 - Suitable for 100 Litre Dosing Tanks 
  • BT200 - Suitable for 200 Litre Dosing Tanks 
  • BT300 - Suitable for 300 Litre Dosing Tanks 
  • BT500 - Suitable for 500 Litre Dosing Tanks 
  • BT1000 - Suitable for 1000 Litre Dosing Tanks

Each of the Bund Tanks are manufactured in MDPE and have a rolled over edge to provide mechanical strength. Our Bund Tanks are available in a range of colours with the most common as natural MDPE, or blue to help provide quick identification of reagents on the alkaline scale, or red to aid identification of chemicals on the alkaline scale.

Chemical Storage Tanks

In addition to our range of dosing tanks and bund tanks - we provide a range of large tanks specifically for chemical storage or for process applications including water treatment or effluent treatment. 

The chemical storage tanks are manufactured in blow moulded MDPE with the following sizes available:-

  • ST1250  - 1250 Litres
  • ST2500 - 2500 Litres
  • ST5000 - 5000 Litres
  • ST10000 - 10'000 Litres

The chemical storage tanks can be supplied as process vessels ready and complete with fittings connected and tested. The standard modifications we can provide include the mounting of industrial mixers, transfer / chemical dosing pumps as well as adding pipework, manually activated, pneumatically activated or electrically actuated valves.

Chemical Tank Range

Dosing Tank

Dosing Tank

Our range of dosing tanks are blow moulded in food grade MDPE and available in a natural colour or manufactured in black for UV stabilisation of chemicals with a low vapour pressure. 

Each dosing tank has flat raised section with a screw fitting lid and a flat section for the mounting of equipment. The section can be fitted a strengthening plate - making our dosing tanks ideal for mounting dosing pumps, mixers, transfer pumps, instrumentation or other equipment.

Each dosing tank has a graduated scale displaying the volume of liquid contained with the vessel and can be fitted with inlets, outlets, valves and other equipment.

Dosing tanks are available with capacities from 25 Litres up to 1000 Litres.

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Bund Tank

Bund Tank

The bund tank range is manufactured in blow moulded MDPE making them ideal for spill containment when used in conjunction with our range of dosing tanks.

The bund tanks are available in a range of colours and manufactured with a rolled over MDPE edge to give greater mechanical strength.

The capacity of the bund tank is 115% of that listed to provide containment for a corresponding dosing tank.

Bund Tanks are available with capacities from 25 Litres through to 1000 Litres.

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Chemical Storage Tank

Chemical Storage Tank

Our Chemical Storage tanks are manufactured in black MDPE and designed for storing or processing of chemicals in process treatment, water treatment or effluent treatment. 

Each of the chemical storage tanks is fitted with a screw fitting lid / man way access and can be lowered into place using the integrated hoisting points.

The chemical storage tanks can be fitted with flanges for mounting external equipment as well as actuated and manually operated valves.

We can add mounting points for mixers and pumps to the chemical storage tanks, and where containment is required - each tank can be manufactured as a self bunded (double confined) to provide an integrated containment area.

The chemical storage tanks are available in sizes from 1250 litres to 10'000 Litres. 

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