Mechanical Piston Dosing Pump for flow rates up to 1000 Litres / Hour


Piston Dosing Pump

The TAP series of piston dosing pump are designed to meter a precise amount of chemical reagent into pipework or tanks or process control applications.

Using the principle of progressive cavity displacement from a precise reciprocating gearbox driven a piston to give an exact volumetric displacement. This ensures that the chemical delivery is linear, repeatable and precise.

Piston Dosing Pump Sizing - Stroke Length

As each dosing requirement is different our piston dosing pump range is available with a choice of two different piston diameters. The TAP15 piston dosing pumps have a 15mm piston stroke length and the TAP25 piston dosing pumps have a 25mm piston stroke length.

The different sizes of the piston stroke length are directly proportional to the amount of the chemical volumetrically displaced during the pumps operation. So the TAP 25 Piston Dosing pumps with a 25mm long stroke length can achieve a larger output flow rate and pressure rating than the TAP15 pumps with a shallower 15mm stroke length.

Piston Dosing Pump Sizing - Diameter

After considering the stroke length (either 15mm for the TAP15 or 25mm for the TAP25) we then have to consider the piston diameter.

The TAP15 has a 15mm stroke length and piston diameters ranging from 6mm up to 64mm Ø.

The TAP25 has a 25mm stroke length and piston diameters ranging from 25mm up to 89mm Ø.

As the piston diameter increases the chemically volumetrically displaced through the cavity during normal operation increases, allowing for a higher flow rate.

Piston Dosing Pump Sizing - Gear Box

The piston dosing pumps use a fixed ratio mechanical gearbox which translates the rotation of the motor to the reciprocating action of the piston. By changing the ratio we can increase or decrease the number of strokes per minute that the piston dosing pump makes.

For both the TAP15 and TAP25 series we offer three different ratios of gearboxes. These give us the following output speeds:-

  • 58 stokes / minute
  • 78 stokes / minute
  • 116 strokes / minute

With the length and diameter of piston we can calculate the amount of chemical delivered per stroke. By increasing the number of strokes per minute we can increase the amount of chemical delivered by the pump to achieve the desired flow rate.

In some applications where viscous solutions are dosed or where chemicals have a low vapour pressure using a lower or higher number of stokes per minute respectively can offer significant advantages. If you're unsure on the right gearbox ratio to use for your application please don't hesitate to contact us.

Piston Dosing Pumps Materials

Both the TAP15 and TAP25 series of piston dosing pumps are available with the head manufactured in either 316 Stainless Steel or PVC with a ceramic piston. The available combinations of piston length, piston diameter, gearbox ratio and head materials are all listed below.

Piston Dosing Pump TAP15 Series

TAP15-6 Connections
TAP15-6 Output
TAP15-11 Connections
TAP15-11 Output
TAP15-17 Connections
TAP15-17 Output
TAP15-25 Connections
TAP15-25 Output
TAP15-30 Connections
TAP15-30 Output
TAP15-38 Connections
TAP15-38 Output
TAP15-48 Connections
TAP15-48 Output
TAP15-54 Connections
TAP15-54 Output
TAP15-64 Connections
TAP15-64 Output

Piston Dosing Pump TAP25 Series

TAP25-25 Connections
TAP25-25 Output
TAP25-30 Connections
TAP25-30 Output
TAP25-38 Connections
TAP25-38 Output
TAP25-48 Connections
TAP25-48 Output
TAP25-54 Connections
TAP25-54 Output
TAP25-64 Connections
TAP25-64 Output
TAP25-76 Connections
TAP25-76 Output
TAP25-89 Connections
TAP25-89 Output