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Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

dissolved oxygen sensor des1

The DES-1 is a dissolved oxygen sensor which uses the polarographic principle or Clark principle of measurement.

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor DES-1

The DES-1 dissolved oxygen sensor is mounted into a PVC riser tube which is manufactured to a length of 1 metre as standard (custom lengths available). The DES-1 is available with a range of mounting options - including flange mounting for securing above process vessels or aquaculture tanks, or with a float for mounting in streams, weirs and lagoons where the liquid level changes.

The DES-1 uses a simple to PTFE membrane with and electrolyte filling solution, both of which are designed for quick and simple replacement during periodic maintenance.

Integrated within the DES-1 is a temperature measuring device designed to work with our OD7635 and OD7685 range of dissolved oxygen controllers to provide automatic temperature compensation to the measured dissolved oxygen levels.

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor DES-1 Auto-Clean

The DES-1 is available with an optional autoclean system which fits to the end of the sensor arrangement. When combined with the OD7685 - the auto-clean relay will call for a compressed air or liquid cleaning solution to be remove fouling from the sensor. During the cleaning cycle the output from the controller is put into "hold" mode which prevents the outputs from the instrument from operating.

The oxygen permeable PTFE material helps to provide accurate dissolved oxygen measurements. Due to the way in which the dissolved oxygen measurements are made we recommend that the measured solution has a constant flow to ensure accuracy.

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor DES-1 Features & Benefits

The DES-1 is simple install into many process by either using the mounting flange, or by securing the optional float for use in lagoons or other environments with a changeable level.

The DES-1 is supplied in a PVC riser tube with wetted parts in PVC, PTFE and Viton O-rings, and has a Din Standard weatherproof connector which is suitable for use in most environments. The riser tube is available in custom sizes to ensure maximum flexibility for integrating into both industrial processes and environmental monitoring applications.

Designed to be suppled as a complete unit ready for integration into process, we also supply the DES-1 Polarographic Clark dissolved oxygen sensor complete with a full set of replacement PTFE membranes and electrolyte filling solution for easy onsite refurbishment.

The DES-1 is a reliable, accurate and cost effective dissolved oxygen sensor rated for a temperature of 50°C and a range of 0 - 200% saturation and a concentration of 0 - 20 mg/L (ppm).

DES-1 Specifications

  • Specifications


    Polarographic Membrane Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (Clark sensor)

    Model No:- DES-1

    Length:- 1000mm as standard, up to 3000mm available

    Cable:- Custom length

    Operating temperature:- 0 - 50ºC

    Dissolved Oxygen Saturation Range:- 0 - 200%

    Dissolved Oxygen Concentration Range:- 0 - 20mg/L (ppm)

    Materials of construction PVC, Viton, PTFE

    Temperature Compensation Automatic via integrated RTD

  • Features


    • The DES-1 is desigend as a dip mounting polarographic dissolved oxygen sensor for measuring the dissolved oxygen in both environmental applications and in industrial processes.
    • Using the Clark polarographic method the membrane dissolved oxygen sensor is excellent for use in measuring both the percentage saturation of dissolved oxygen and the concentration of dissolved oxygen in mg/L or ppm.
    • The DES-1 is designed so that any field maintenance can be performed easily and is supplied complete with electrolyte solution and replacement PTFE membranes for simple refurbishment.
    • For environmental applications such as measuring dissolved oxygen in streams or lagoons, the DES-1 can be supplied complete with polypropylene float allowing the DES-1 to continue making measurements even when the surface water level falls and rises.
    • An optional auto-clean nozzle is available for use with the OD7685 dissolved oxyegn controller, allowing an auto-clean relay to call a compressed air cleaning system or pump system to clean the sensor end of the dissolved oxygen probe.
    • The DES-1 is supplied with integrated automatic temperature compensation as standard to ensure that dissolved oxygen measurements are compensated for temperature. This means we can offer very accurate dissolved oxygen measurements for both percentage saturation of dissolved oxygen, and for concentration of dissolved oxyen.


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