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Single Level Electrode LE7

single level electrode LE7 with wall mounting bracket

The LE7 is a conductive level electrode holder, designed to accommodate a single 1/4" level electrode.  Pictured as a set of 3 x Level Electrodes, complete with mounting bracket model WMB.

Single Level Electrode Holder LE7 Introduction

The LE7 Single Level Electrode holder is designed to give the user automatic level control of systems using dirty water or effluent in sumps, pits or tanks.

The distance between the LE7 level electrode holders can be varied depending upon the nature of the solution in which the liquid level is being controlled. The LE7 can be mounted to prevent anything bridging between level electrodes, such as sludge; solids, or waste products such as paper; linen or other contaminants.

LE7 For Use in Harsh Environments

The LE7 is designed to accommodate 1/4" Ø level electrodes with the length specified by the user.  We supply level electrodes up to a length of 3 metres for easy shipping.

The materials available for the level electrode include:-

  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Hastelloy C
  • All offered EVA coated or uncoated.

The Titanium and Hastelloy level electrodes are designed for use where compatible with concentrated chemicals.  The EVA coating is available primarily to prevent tracking across the level electrodes where bridging can occur.

The EVA coating is available in a number of thicknesses to allow for solids in the media, which may be under agitation.

LE7 Simple System Integration

As a single level electrode holder the LE7 has a 3/4" PVC threaded connection for connecting into a tank or process vessel. This can be secured directly or using a back nut to secure it into place.

Each LE7 has an integral gland and seal, allowing it be easily connected to a Level Controller such as our ALC1101, for simple electrical connection.

The level electrode itself can be supplied to any required length, up to 3 metres, for delivery, or can be supplied to be cut down using hand tools to ensure seamless integration into your process.

When combined with a suitable Level Controller, the LE7 can control process control equipment; most commonly pumps, valves, and Industrial Mixers.

Level Control for Complex Processes

As a single level electrode, the LE7 can be used to add additional functionality to a new or existing system.

We advocate using a single level electrode per process, to ensure seamless operation of the process and prevent any interference.  So for a system using 3 x Level electrodes to operate switching between a single point, adding one more LE7 could be used to operate a high level alarm, adding a further LE7 level electrode allows for the incorporation of a low level alarm, another LE7 could be used to trigger a "Re-order chemical" level alarm, and so on.  The LE7 offers numerous options and is simple to integrate into a system.

Single Level Electrode Model LE7 Features & Benefits

The LE7 Level Electrode is a simple yet versatile conductive level electrode.  Available in chemically resistant materials for process control or in stainless steel for treated effluent and water applications, the LE7 offers robust level measurement.

The coating of the LE7 combined with the variable mounting positions prevents bridging of solids across two or more level electrodes, and all materials are available coated.

With the optional mounting bracket, Model WMB available, we can offer mounting points between 100mm to 250mm, depending upon the nature of the application.

The top mounted sealed glands enable quick and simple integration into a compatible level control, offering numerous liquid level applications to be controlled automatically from a simple to install system.

The 3/4" BSP mounting thread also means that the LE7 can be easily mounted into process vessels and tanks, either directly into a threaded port or using the supplied back nut to secure the LE7 into place.

LE7 Single Level Electrode Specifications

  • Specifications


    Conductive Level Electrode

    Model No:- LE7

    Wetted Parts:- 316 Stainless Steel / Titanium / Hastelloy C / EVA Coated or uncoated.

    Level Electrode Measurements:- 1/4" Ø upto 3 metres in length.

    Mounting Type:- 3/4" BSP Thread with backnut.

    Electrical Connection:- Single Gland

    Applications:- Effluent with solids, process solutions, treated effluent. 

    Compatible Level Controller:- ALC1101

  • Features


    • Simple to install and easy to integrate level electrode holder. 
    • Material options on the level sensor, including Hastelloy C, Titanium, 316 Stainless Steel, with EVA coatings available in a range of thicknesses.
    • Customised level electrode length up to 3 metres when shipped.
    • Single sealed gland electrical connection for easy connection to a compatible level controller.
    • Mounting distances can be user selectable for use where paper, solids, or other bridging materials may be present in the solution.
    • EVA coating prevents tracking and bridging even in very dirty applications, with a range of chemically resistant materials available for operation in chemical environments.
    • 3/4" BSP mounting threaded so the LE7 can be simply screwed into place above a tank or process vessel. 
    • Ideal for use in pits, sumps or environments where solids may be present and other level electrodes have failed.


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