4-20mA Conductivity Transmitter with user Selectable Ranges

C3436 conductivity transmitter 4 20mA

The C3436-W Conductivity transmitter is supplied in an optional surface mounting weatherproof enclosure for mounting close to a dip conductivity cell or an inline conductivity cell. The C3436-W is also available in Din Rail mounting configuration for integration into a control panel or system.

The 4-20mA C3436-W conductivity transmitter is designed to connect to a Conductivity Cell and send an industry standard isolated 4-20 mA signal up to 1000 metres away. The 4-20mA output signal corresponds to the conductivity measuring range that the instrument is set too. If automatic temperature compensation is used, then the 4-20mA output signal relates to the temperature compensated conductivity value.

Conductivity Transmitter Ranges and Cell Types

The conductivity transmitter can also work with a conductivtiy cell with the following cell constants:-

  • Conductivity cell with cell constant K=0.1
  • Conductivtiy cell with cell constant K=1.0
  • Conductivity cell with cell constant K=10.0

The conductivity cell ranges available when working with the differing conductivity cell types are listed below:-

Cell ConstantRange 1Resolution 1Range 2Resolution 2Range 3Resolution3Range 4Resolution4Range 5Resolution 5
K = 0.1 0 - 2.000µS 0.001µS 0 - 20.00µS 0.01µS 0 - 200.0µS 0.1µS 0 - 2000µS 1µS 0 - 20.00mS 0.01mS
K = 1.0 0 - 20.00µS 0.01µS 0 - 200.0µS 0.1µS 0 - 2000µS 1µS 0 - 20.00mS 0.01mS 0 - 200.0mS 0.1mS
K = 10.0 0 - 200.0µS 0.1µS 0 - 2000µS 1µS 0 - 20.00mS 0.01mS 0 - 200.0mS 0.1mS 0 - 2000mS 1mS

When using the above scales the following resolutions are available:-

  • 0 - 2.000µS a resolution of 0.001µS
  • 0 - 20.00µS with a resolutuon of 0.01µS
  • 0 - 200.0µS with a resolution of 0.1µS
  • 0 - 2000µS with a resolution of 1µS
  • 0 - 20.00mS with a resolution of 0.01mS
  • 0 - 200.0mS with a resolution of 0.1mS
  • 0 - 2000mS with a resolution of 1mS

Conductivity and TDS Transmitter

The C3436-W has the ability to transmit the TDS value of the measured solution opposed to the TDS value.

Using the user selectable TDS to Conductivity co-efficient, the TDS value of the measured solution can be established and this value can be transmitted over the 4-20mA output. The TDS co-efficient is user selectable between 0.450 to 1.000 and the local display will show the measured TDS value as well as transmit this value over the 4-20mA output.

Using the C3436-W as a TDS Transmitter is ideal for applications where TDS measurement is preferable to the conductivity measurement.

The following TDS ranges are available using the corresponding cell constants

Cell ConstantRange 1Resolution 1Range 2Resolution 2Range 3Resolution3Range 4Resolution4Range 5Resolution 5
K = 0.1 0 - 1.000 ppm 0.001 ppm 0 - 10.00 ppm 0.01 ppm 0 - 100.0 ppm 0.1 ppm 0 - 1000 ppm 1 ppm 0 - 10.00 ppt 0.01 ppt
K = 1.0 0 - 10.00 ppm 0.01 ppm 0 - 100.0 ppm 0.1 ppm 0 - 1000 ppm 1 ppm 0 - 10.00 ppt 0.01 ppt 0 - 100.0 ppt 0.1 ppt
K = 10.0 0 - 100.0 ppm 0.1 ppm 0 - 1000 ppm 1 ppm 0 - 10.00 ppt 0.01 ppt 0 - 100.0 ppt 0.1 ppt 0 - 1000 ppt 1 ppt

The C3436-W is a loop powered instrument.  This means that the 4-20mA output is galvanically isolated and can be powered by the receiving instrument. The C3436-W can be used with the BC7335, BC7635, or BC7687 controllers as well as via a PLC, Chart Recorder or our Online Data Logger.

As the same two wires that power the instrument also transmit the signal, it's very simple to install and setup the instrument to measure conductivity or total dissolved solids (TDS).

4-20mA Conductivity Transmitter offers easy Calibration

The C3436-W has a very simple 2 point calibration procedure using the Zero and Span settings.

The conductivity cell can be zeroed in air across all the scales available. Then by inserting the cell into a conductivity calibration solution with a known value the Sens point can be determined. The C3436-W will automatically recognise common values allowing a seamless calibration procedure.

When the calibration has taken place the date and time of the calibration is updated into the system software allowing an operator or engineer to record the previous calibration statistics.

As the C3436-W works as a TDS transmitter the TDS can be calibrated in a similar way ensuring a precision TDS value is transmitted across the 4-20mA analogue output.

Considering the importance of the temperature measurement on the TDS and Conductivity value, a separate temperature calibration procedure is available to maintain the accuracy of the C3436-W as a TDS or conductivity transmitter.

The C3436-W offers precision measurements of the conductivity and TDS values. It's physically small size means that it's easy to locate near to a process and the easy wiring means it can be used to start quickly transmitting accurate conductivity and TDS measurements.

C3436 Conductivity Transmitter Specifications

  • Specifications


    Model No:- 3436-W

    Conductivity Ranges (K=0.1 cell):- 0 - 200.0µS

    Conductivity Ranges (K=1.0 cell):- 0 - 2000µS

    Conductivity Range (K=1.0 cell):- 0 - 20.00mS

    TDS Range (K=0.1 cell):- 100.0 pppm

    TDS Range (K=1.0 cell):- 1000 ppm

    TDS Range (K=10.0 cell):- 10.00 ppt

    Input:- K=0.1, K=1.0, or K=10.0 conductivity cell

    Temperature Co-Efficient:- 0-3.50% user selectable

    Repeatability:- with sensor ±0.02 digits

    Current output:- 0-20/ 4-20mA limited to 25mA, 500 Volts Galvanic Isolation

    Zero:- ± 10% of scale

    Slope:- 60% - 160%

    Mains Supply:- 9 - 36 VDC Stabilised

    Weight:- 250 grams DIN version

    Dimensions:- 71 x 95 x 58mm

  • Features


    • Conductivity transmitter offering precision 4-20mA signal corresponding to either the conductivity or TDS value of the measured solution.
    • Two wire device - the C3436-W is a 4-20mA TDS and conductivity transmitter powered by the same two wires that transmit the signal
    • Simple calibration procedure - adjust the span and zero points and the 4-20mA signal represents the newly calibrated instrument, including the temperature compensation
    • The C3436-W works with a range of cell constants and includes temperature compensation - making the C3436-W ideal for de-ionised water, borehole water or process monitoring applications.
    • Full LCD readout showing for simple menu driven access for initial setup and periodic calibration.
  • Data Sheets

    Data Sheets

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