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Suction Lance Assembly for 25 Litre Chemical Container

Suction Lance Assembly for use with a 25 Litre chemical Container

AC.LA.025 & AC.LA.025A Chemical suction lance assemblies for use with a 25 Litre container.

AC.LA.025 Suction Lance Introduction

The AC.LA.025 and AC.LA.025A are suction lance assemblies which are designed to be mounted into a 25 Litre chemical container for use with chemical dosing pumps.  The suction lance assemblies help a dosing pump to remain primed and give a signal on a low chemical level.

We offer two different types of suction lance assembly for 25 Litre chemical containers.

  • The AC.LA.025 which uses 4x6mm dosing tube - for use with our HY, AT1, AT2 and AT3 range of dosing pumps which support a low level / alarm input.
  • The AC.LA.025A which uses 8x12mm PVC dosing tube- for use with the AT4 range of dosing pumps which support a low level / alarm input.

Both the AC.LA.025 and the AC.LA.025A provide a volt free contact closure when the chemical level is 50mm above the lowest suction point.  This can be connected directly to the dosing pumps that support either a low level or alarm input, or alternatively into a PLC, BMS or other device which supports a volt free contact closure.

The chemical is delivered to the pumps suction side through a fluoropolymer elastomer non-return valve.  This is mounted inside the 25 Litre suction lance inlet and prevents the chemical from returning back down the suction lance assembly.  Inside the riser tube runs a length of suction tubing which is manufactured in either soft PVC or PTFE. The AC.LA.025 is available with 4x6mm PVC or PTFE and the AC.LA.025A is available with 8x12mm PVC.

25 Litre Suction Lance Wetted Parts

The AC.LA.025 is designed to be permanently mounted into the a chemical container such as a chemical carbouy, 25 Litre Dosing Tank, or container with a selection of wetted parts available to ensure compatibility with a very wide range of chemical processes.

Riser TubeNon-Return ValveFloatSuction Tubing

*PTFE Is only available with the AC.LA.025 not the AC.LA.025A.

We strongly recommend you check the wetted parts of the injection valve against our chemical compatibility database or speak with your chemical supplier, to ensure that all the parts are compatible with the chemical to be dosed.

25 Litre Suction Lance Dimensions

Suction lance with 4x6mm tubing dimensions Suction lance with 8x12mm tubing dimensions

As standard both the AC.LA.025 for 4x6mm and the AC.LA.025A for 8x12mm suction tubing are manufactured to a length of 450mm.

They include a 70mm diameter conical flange which is designed to slide over the 2" aperture commonly found on 20 or 25 Litre chemical containers.  The aperture is adjustable allowing the riser tube to slide up and down to suit varying container depths.

The suction lance can be supplied, custom length to suit 5 Litre or 7 Litre chemical containers predominantly found in the cleaning and hygiene sector.

The widest inserted section of the suction lance assembly measures 31mm Ø making it ideal for inserting into the opening of common sizes of chemical container.  For chemical containers with a 2" wide screw cap type fitting, the conical flange pushes nearly into the aperture.

For the AC.LA.025 with 4x6mm tubing, the riser tube of the suction lance assembly measures 21mm Ø with space for both the low level signal cable and suction tubing.

The AC.LA.025A with 8x12mm or 8x10mm is housed in a wider riser tube measuring 31mm Ø with space for both the low level signal cable and the suction tubing.

Electrical Installation

Installing the suction lance assembly is very straight forward.  Prior to immersing the suction lance into the chemical, we strongly recommend that the electrical connections are connected to either the dosing pump or piece of control equipment that will be receiving the volt free signal.

As standard, the float switch is designed to provide a normally closed (NC) signal on a low level.

The user can change the direction of the float switch by simply unscrewing the lower mounting and changing the direction of the float switch so that a normally closed contact is given on a high level.

The PVC cable should then be connected to the control equipment.

The suction lance assembly has the following electrical ratings:-

  • maximum current of 1amp
  • maximum power 50W
  • maximum voltage of 200 VDC or 300 VAC

Mechanical Installation

The suction tubing is normally connected to a dosing pump by pushing it through a lock nut and compression ring before sliding it over a conical connector, in the same way that a standard foot valve and strainer assembly is connected.  It's important to ensure that the suction tubing is free from kinks.

Installing the suction lance into the 25 Litre vessel or a smaller container is simple.  The tube is simply inserted into the aperture, allowing the bottom of the suction lance to rest flat against the bottom.

The conical flange should then be pushed down into the aperture, securing the suction lance assembly into place.

Located on the conical flange are 4 mounting holes which can be used to secure the suction lance in place, if required.

We recommend using the suction lance assembly in non-viscous solutions where the fluid in contact with the suction lance is free from solids. Any build up of solids can become trapped between the PVDF float and the assembly, preventing the float switch from functioning correctly.

Suction lances are suitable for an operating temperature of -20°C to + 55°C when manufactured in PVC with higher ranges for suction lances manufactured in cPVC.

When operating normally, the non-return valve inside the suction lance assembly will allow the chemical to be drawn into the suction tubing but not to return back down the suction tubing.

AC.LA.025 & AC.LA.025A Features & Benefits

The suction lance assembly is a simple reliable way of ensuring that a dosing pump remains primed due to the integral non-return valve.

Manufactured with a choice of chemically resistant materials to ensure compatibility with a wide range of chemical reagents, there are also options on the suction tubing to suit 4x6mm dosing pumps in the AC.LA.025 and either 8x10mm or 8x12mm tubing for use with higher output dosing pumps, such as the AT4 series.

The float is manufactured in chemically resistant PVDF and will give a low level signal when the chemical is 50mm above the lowest suction pump.  With a simple volt free contact operation, each suction lance assembly is compatible with a wide range of equipment including direct connection to dosing pumps, PLC's, BMS's or can be integrated into control panels and other electrical circuits.

The conical flange allows the suction lance assembly to be mounted into a range of 20 or 25 Litre chemical containers and the height to be manually adjusted with mounting holes for securing the assembly into place.

In addition to the mounting holes, each suction lance assembly can be manufactured to a desired length, if required for a specific application.

AC.LA.025 & AC.LA.025 Specifications

  • Specifications


    Suction Lance Assembly With Low Level Float for 25 Litre Tank

    Model Number:- AC.LA.025 for 4x6mm and AC.LA.025A for 8x12mm

    Riser Tube Material:- PVC

    Rise Tube Length:- 450mm (shorter lengths available)

    Riser Tube Diameter (AC.LA.025):- 21mm

    Riser Tube Diameter (AC.LA.025A):- 34mm

    Dosing Tube Material:- PVC

    Dosing Tube Size:- 4x6mm / 8x10mm / 8x12mm

    Float Material:- PVDF

    Mounting Type:- Conical Flange

    Non-return Valve Type:- Fluoropolymer Elastomer

    Temperature Range (PVC):- -20°C - +55°C

    Cable Length:- 2 Metres

    Maximum Power:- 50W

    Maximum Voltage:- 200 VDC or 300 VAC

    Maximum Current:- 1A

  • Applications


    The AC.LA.025 and AC.LA.025A suction lance assemblies are designed to be installed into 25 litre chemical containers and connected to chemical dosing pumps.

    By connecting the suction lance assembly to the dosing pump the integral non-return valve ensures that the dosing pump is kept primed and ready to operate.

    When the chemical level in the 25 litre dosing tank falls to 50mm above the suction point the low level float falls. This causes a normally closed connection (which can be manually adjusted to a normally open connection if required) which delivers a volt free contact to trigger the dosing pump directly or another piece of control equipment.

    Sucton lance assemblies provide a straight forward way of ensuring that a dosing pump is primed. Automation of processes can be achieved by using the volt free output including:-

    • Prevent the dosing pump from operating when a low chemical level is present
    • Trigger an alarm to alert an operator that the chemical level is low
    • Provide remote communications, a PLC or a BMS system.

    Suction lance assemblies also promote safe chemical handling, by providing an operator a simple way of removing the chemical lance when the chemical container is empty, and inserting it into a new container when required - removing the need for soft and flexible PVC suction tubing from being manually handled.

    Each suction lance assembly is available with a number of options on the wetted parts to ensure compliance with a wide range of chemical reagents.

    The length of each suction lance can be modified to suit specific applications or adjusted using the manually adjustable conical mounting flange.

  • Ordering Information

    Model NumberRiser TubeSuction TubingSuction ConnectionNon-Return Valve
    AC.LA.025 PVC PVC 4x6mm Viton
    AC.LA.cP.025 cPVC PVC 4x6mm Viton
    AC.LA.cP.T.025 cPVC PTFE 4x6mm Viton
    AC.LA.PV.T.025 PVDF PTFE 4x6mm Viton
    AC.LA.PV.PV.025 PVDF PVDF 4x6mm Viton
    AC.LA.025.E PVC PVC 4x6mm EPDM
    AC.LA.cP.025.E cPVC PVC 4x6mm EPDM
    AC.LA.cP.T.025.E cPVC PTFE 4x6mm EPDM
    AC.LA.PV.T.025.E PVDF PTFE 4x6mm EPDM
    AC.LA.PV.PV.025.E PVDF PVDF 4x6mm EPDM
    AC.LA.025A PVC PVC 8x12mm Viton
    AC.LA.cP.025A cPVC PVC 8x12mm Viton
    AC.LA.cP.PV.025A cPVC PVDF 8x10mm Viton
    AC.LA.PV.PV.025A PVDF PVDF 8x10mm Viton
    AC.LA.025A.E PVC PVC 8x12mm EPDM
    AC.LA.cP.025A.E cPVC PVC 8x12mm EPDM
    AC.LA.cP.PV.025A.E cPVC PVDF 8x10mm EPDM
    AC.LA.PV.PV.025A.E PVDF PVDF 8x10mm EPDM

    Please use our chemical compatibility checker to ensure that the wetted parts are compatible with your process. If you're unsure please don't hesitate to contact our friendly sales team.


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