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New Sample Cooler

sampler coolerNew to our range is a rugged all welded construction sample cooler manufactured from 316 stainless steel. A Sample Cooler is essential for taking a water sample for analysis from a boiler safely and accurately.

Taking samples from a boiler under pressure without a sample cooler is extremely dangerous. The boiler water will immediately ‘flash off ‘ as steam when released to atmosphere, being hazardous to the operator and providing erroneous results as some of the water will have evaporated as steam.

A sample cooler should be installed when it is necessary to take water samples from a system where the temperature exceeds 80 oC which includes feed water systems, closed heating circuits, steam boilers and steam and condensate systems.

The sample cooler should be fitted in a vertical position as close as possible to the take of point to avoid long sample lines. For operator convenience the sample cooler is best mounted at a convenient height to take samples.

In hard water areas we recommend that softened cooling water is used, an isolating valve maybe fitted to the cooling water feed, the drain must be piped to an open end to prevent any possible pressure build up in the sampler shell.

The feed should be fitted with an isolating valve rated at the full system pressure.

As well as taking samples of boiler water which is the main use for sample coolers we have found other applications including measuring the pH of hot water seal tanks which use high purity water at 98oC which proving very difficult to measure due the high temperature and low conductivity of the water being measured.

By using a suitable pump to pump a sample through the sample cooler the pH electrodes life can be greatly extended by measuring cold clean water with a special low conductivity water pH electrode in a special electrode system. The cooled water can be returned to the seal tank and the cooling water to a suitable rinse water tank.


BCT Conductivity Transmitter with PVDF Body

The BCT (Blind Conductivity Transmitter) was featured in a past issue of the Watermark which is an electrodeless two-wire conductivity transmitter. As electrodeless conductivity instruments work best on conductivities above 2.00 mS and prove most useful in our opinion on higher conductivities. This can include measuring the solution strength of some very aggressive solutions including mixed acids designed by chemists for specific applications.

To help cope with these solutions we are now able to offer the BCT two-wire conductivity transmitter with an all PVDF body. PVDF offers increased chemical resistance to strong acid solutions and elevated temperatures in comparison to PVC.

To make installation simple and easy the whole assembly of the BCT twowire conductivity transmitter is made BCT Conductivity Transmitter with PVDF Body very compact by mounting the electronics very close to the sensing coils. This reduces the possibility of the very sensitive conductivity sensor to instrument connecting cable picking up electrical interference.

The rugged easy to install sensor maybe mounted up 1000 metres away from the controlling instrument when using our LMK2 connecting cable.

The BCT is available for one of three measuring range either 0 - 10.0mS, 0 - 100.0mS or 0 - 1000mS corresponding to an industry standard output of 4 - 20 mA, which is isolated.

Typical applications include, cooling water TDS control, chemical solution strength control of acid and alkali solutions and detergent strength control in food, brewing and dairy industries. Control and recording instruments are for use with the BCT two wire electrodeless conductivity transmitters.

open channel flow

Open Channel Flow

A regular customer had to meet a deadline to be compliant with his local water company. They needed a open channel flow metering system to measure their waste water discharge to their local water authority very quickly.

We where able to supply a polypropylene corrosion resistant vee notch tank and stainless vee notch plate with an ultrasonic open channel flow meter on a very quick delivery. Our service manager went to site and commissioned the flow meter and the existing remote AWE141 paperless recorder/data logger (not shown) just in time.

So another satisfied customer.