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Lock-N-Load (LNL)

Self-isolating retractable inline pH Electrode System

non isolating retractable inline pH electrode system model L N L

The Lock-N-Load retractable pH electrode system is quite simply a piece of engineering brilliance. Its designed to allow the user to continually measure the pH in a piece of pipework and then remove the pH electrode without having to worry about isolating the line.

The Lock-N-Load uses a clever piece of design to self isolate. This means that the solution being measured cannot escape through the area being measured by the pH electrode. Also, even when there is pressure in the pipework, the locking mechanism is designed with a safety first approach. The end cap seals from the inside out, ensuring that the retracting section is locked into place, preventing it from shooting out of the main body of the pipework.

Even with the safety precautions in place, the self isolating retractable inline electrode system or Lock-N-Load doesn't require ball valves, chains, or costly hardware to quickly remove the electrode from a pipeline. This helps to keep the cost of the unit down, as well as offering simple ease of use.

Self-isolating retractable inline pH Electrode System - Lock-N-Load

The design of the Lock-N-Load is it's main feature. Simply by twisting the electrode holder and then pulling the electrode up, followed by a twist, enables the Lock-N-Load to self isolate. The pH electrode can then be removed for calibration or buffering. The electrode can then be slid back into the sleeve and returned to monitor the process effluent. No need for isolation valves or ball valves to be installed into the pipework!

The replacement electrode is the 9392-10B which is a double junction pH electrode with a long body to ensure it remains within the process.

The Lock-N-Load is designed to work to fit into pipework with a 1 1/2" diameter on the standard unit. We can customise the holder to work with smaller pipework and it is normally either solvent welded into place, or threaded to screw into the process pipework. We can offer custom fittings if required to ensure compatibility with your process pipework.

The insertion length of the pH electrode is 63mm from the threaded section to the tip of the pH electrode. The end cap of the electrode holder protects the pH electrode so that it isn't prone to being damaged during insertion and also ensures that the Lock-N-Load is self isolating when retracted.

Self-isolating retractable inline pH electrode system Lock-N-Load materials of construction

The standard Lock-N-Load pH electrode holder is manufactured in PVC and rated for a temperature range of 0-60ºC.

At a pressure of 100 PSI the temperature range is reduced to 0-20ºC.

We also offer the Lock-N-Load manufactured in Kynar (PVDF) which is rated for use from  -5-100ºC and is limited to 0-20ºC at pressures up to 100 PSI.

Finally, we offer a stainless steel self isolating retractable inline pH electrode system in the lock-n-load range, (part number LNL-SS). This is specifically designed for the dairy and brewing industries. The thread is reduced in size to 1" BSP for smaller pipework. The replacement pH electrode is the 9392-SS-10B which is the standard 9392-10B with a stainless steel sheath to ensure compliance with the food and beverage sector.

  • Specifications


    Self Isolating Inline pH electrode system

    Model No:- Lock N Load

    pH Electrode:- Long bodied replacement pH electrode 9392-10B with glass body or stainless steel sheath

    Operating temperature:- 0-60ºC

    Materials of construction PVC


    • PVDF
    • 316 Stainless Steel
    • Optional Mounting for a temperature sensor
  • Features


    • Holds a pH electrode within the pipework for continual online measurement - which means that there is no need for sampling.
    • The pH electrode fits into a sleeve holding it in place - it also protects the glass bulb of the electrode from being broken. No over-zealous operators breaking the ends off electrodes.
    • Solvent weld and BSP threaded as standard and options for reducing or increasing bushes depending upon the requirements - so the Lock N Load can be easily installed into most types of pipework.
    • A self isolating inline electrode system; this means that when the pH electrode is retracted the measured solution can't leak out. So there is no need to install isolation or drain valves before or after the lock n load system.
    • Really easy to use and an elegant design. No need for chains, complicated fittings or an ugly ball valve to lower and raise the pH electrode. This makes taking out the pH electrode for calibration or buffering as easy as can be.
    • Manufactured in PVC as standard but with options available for PVDF if you have aggressive chemicals or higher temperatures, and 316 Stainless Steel for brewery, dairy or other required industry sectors


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