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Pneumatic Level Switch


Pneumatic level switch for single point level control 3/4” BSP mounting wetted parts PVC viton and PVDF. Option for cPVC or polypropylene wetted parts.



The PLS1 is a pneumatic level switch designed to provide a single point control at a preset level in a vented tank sump or pit. The principal of operation is by a simple pressure switch being operated by a column of air trapped in the dip tube.

This provides a safe and reliable method of control as the liquid does not come into contact with the switching device. Alow air pressure of only a few millimetres of water gauge is all that is needed to operate the switch.

The PLS1 is mounted via a 3/4” BSP male thread with a PVC tube solvent cemented inside which is cut a few millimetres longer than the switching point required. For pumping control between two levels simply install two LPS1 level switches one for the start level and one for the stop level.

Applications include level control or alarm of demin water, solutions which foam, acids and hypochlorites,sludges and slurries (which flow). A flange mounting controller can be supplied for deeper vessels.

PLS1 Pneumatic Level Switch Specifications

  • Specifications


    Mounting: 3/4” BSP male thread, option for 3/4” table “D” flange

    Material: PVC

    Seals: Neoprene

    Max. temperature: 50oC

    Length: 900 mm standard, option to order up to 3 m

    Switch: Changeover contacts Common & NO/NC

    Switching differential: Approx 20 mm

    Connections: Terminals in the head

    Weight: 250 grms. Approx

  • Features


    • Works in Non Conducting Fluids
    • Manufactured in PVC 
    • Single Point Control
    • Suitable for Demin/DI Water
    • No Floats to Stick or Clog Up
    • Safe & Reliable
    • Cost Effective
    • Weatherproof to IP65
  • Data Sheets

    Data Sheets