Geared Mixer For Chemical Usage

Geared Mixer with 10 inch impeller and 0.12kW single phase motor

AML-9 Geared Mixer with an 8 inch Ø flat bladed PVC impeller and a PVC coated 316 stainless steel shaft, fitted with a single phase 240v 0.12kW AC motor and gearbox.

AML-9 Chemically Resistant Geared Mixer Introduction

The AML-9 is an industrial geared mixer with an 8 inch impeller, designed for use in chemical containers of up to approximately 300 litres in capacity, such as our DT300, for slow speed stirring and agitation.  The geared mixer is designed for agitation and stirring applications in process control, water treatment and effluent treatment, including the makeup of pH neutralisation and effluent treatment chemicals, such as a flocculent mixer or a polymer mixer.

AML-9 Chemically Resistant Geared Mixer Introduction

The AML-9 is a geared industrial mixer, designed to offer low cost chemical mixing and slow speed stirring in small dosing tanks, from a range of 100L to 300L capacity.

Unlike our GMW range of Industrial Geared Mixers, the AML-9 has an 8 inch or 200mm flat bladed dual style impeller, manufactured in 316 stainless steel and covered in PVC to offer greater chemical resistance.

Powered by a 0.12kW 230v single phase AC motor, the AML-9 delivers an output impeller speed of 200 RPM as standard and is also available with a higher ratio gearbox to offer an output of 70 RPM.  The model AML-9 is suitable for most light industrial slow speed stirring or agitation tasks, including keeping lime in suspension or continual agitation for pH neutralisation and other tasks.

AML-9 Geared PVC Mixer Installation

Unlike our other mixers the AML-9 has fixed shaft lengths and is only available with either a 600mm, 800mm, 900mm, or 1100mm long shaft.

The mixer should be mounted onto a mixer bridge, or tank strengthening plate.  Please consider any additional height these might add when considering the shaft length.

AML-9 Geared Mixer in PVC with 200mm Impeller

The AML-9 utilises a dual pronged flat bladed impeller with a 200mm diameter.  The impeller is designed to provide constant agitation of liquids and semi-viscous liquids.

AML-9 High Speed PVC Mixer with 0.12kW Single Phase Motor

The AML-9 is fitted with TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) direct drive motor and manufactured to IP55 specifications.  The standard motor is a 240 V single phase motor.  We also offer a 3 phase 415 VAC motor option for this mixer.

AML-9 Geared PVC Mixer Features & Benefits

The AML-9 is a geared mixer designed for light industrial duties where the volume of liquid to be mixed or kept under agitation is under 400 Litres.  Designed to offer cost effective entry level mixing, the AML-9 is available with a shaft length of either 600mm, 800mm, 900mm or 1100mm fixed lengths, with a single phase 240VAC motor or a three phase 415VAC motor.

The impeller is manufactured from PVC to improve the chemical resistance of the mixer and provides for adequate mixing in smaller vessels.

As a direct drive high speed mixer with totally enclosed fan cooled motor, the AML-9 is designed for continuous operation with minimal preventive maintenance to offer efficient mixing of water treatment, effluent treatment, and process control applications.

AML-9 PVC High Speed Mixer Specifications

  • Specifications


    Chemically Resistant Geared Industrial Mixer 200 / 70 RPM

    Model Number:- AML-9

    Voltage:- Single Phase 240V AC or Three Phase 415V AC

    Power:- 0.12kW or 0.16 HP

    Speed:- 70 RPM / 200 RPM

    Propellor Diameter:- 200mm (8inch) 

    Impeller Type:- Flat Bladed Style

    Suitable Volume:- 100 - 300 Litres

    Materials Of Construction:- 316 Stainless Steel with PVC & Epoxy coating

  • Data Sheets

    Data Sheets

  • Ordering Information

    Model NumberShaft LengthPropellor & Motor
    AML-9-SP1-600 600mm 4 Inch flat bladed impeller, 0.12kW 240 Volt Single Phase AC motor
    AML-9-SP1-800 800mm 4 Inch flat bladed impeller, 0.12kW 240 Volt Single Phase AC motor
    AML-9-SP1-900 900mm 4 Inch flat bladed impeller, 0.12kW 240 Volt Single Phase AC motor
    AML-9-SP1-1100 1100mm 4 Inch flat bladed impeller, 0.12kW 240 Volt Single Phase AC motor
    AML-9-SP2-600 600mm 4 Inch flat bladed impeller, 0.12kW 415 Volt 3 Phase AC motor
    AML-9-SP2-800 800mm 4 Inch flat bladed impeller, 0.12kW 415 Volt 3 Phase AC motor
    AML-9-SP2-900 900mm 4 Inch flat bladed impeller, 0.12kW 415 Volt 3 Phase AC motor
    AML-9-SP2-1100 1100mm 4 Inch flat bladed impeller, 0.12kW 415 Volt 3 Phase AC motor

    The AML-9 is a geared or slow speed industrial mixer fitted with a single 4 inch flat bladed impeller located at the bottom of the shaft.

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