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60 Degree V-Notch Plate

60 degree v notch plate

VNP-60-SS is a precision cut V-Notch plate in 316 Stainless Steel, designed to be mounted into a V-Notch tank. 

60 Degree V-Notch Plate VNP-60-SS Introduction

The VNP-60-SS is a 60 degree V-Notch plate designed to be mounted into a V-Notch tank to provide an accurate way of calculating the level when using an ultrasonic flow meter.

The 60 degree angle in the V-Notch plate is laser cut to ensure a precision angle all the way though the V-Notch plate.  This allows our V-Notch Tank and the V-Notch plate assembly to be certified against MCerts when paired with a compatible ultrasonic flow meter.

With mounting holes included within the V-Notch tank, the VNP-60-SS can be easily paired with an existing or new V-Notch tank as required.

60 Degree V-Notch Plate Features & Benefits

The VNP-60-SS is laser cut from a single piece of stainless steel to ensure a precision angle is achieved.  There are no seams or welds in the manufacture and the holes are cut to ensure that the mounting can be achieved in compliance with MCerts.

The 60 Degree V-Notch plate flow rate is suitable for final effluent discharge monitoring (outfall monitoring) for consent to discharge agreements.  We also offer 30 degree angle V-Notch plates and 90 degree angle V-Notch plates.

If you're not sure which angle of V-Notch plate is required to suit your flow rate then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

60 Degree V-Notch Plate Specifications

  • Specifications


    60 Degree V-Notch Plate

    Model No:- VNP-60-SS

    Flow Rate:- Please Call 

    Max. Operating Temperature:- Dictated by V-Notch Tank

    Wetted Parts:- 316 SS

    Dimensions:- Custom

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  • Features


    • Laser cut stainless steel to ensure a constant 60 degree angle V-Notch plate.
    • Designed and manufactured in the UK with delivery direct from our Stafford facility for quick turn around time and to ensure safe delivery. 
    • Designed to ensure compliance with MCerts and to fit with you process.
    • Dimensions specified by the V-Notch tank.
    • Mounting points included within the 60 degree V-Notch plate in accordance with MCerts certification. 
    • Laser cut in 316 Stainless Steel to ensure a precision angle running the through the plate for accurate flow rate calculations.
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