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4/6 LPE

4x6mm LDPE Dosing Tube

4x6mm LDPE dosing tube

4x6mm LDPE dosing tube can be supplied cut to size from any length up to 100 metres.

4x6mm LDPE Dosing Tube.

Low density polyethylene dosing tube is available with an internal diameter of 4mm and an external diameter of 6mm, for use with chemical dosing pumps such as our AT1 series, AT2 series and AT3 series.

Offering good chemical resistance, excellent mechanical properties and a low cost, the 4x6mm LDPE dosing tube is suitable for most dosing applications. We strongly recommend checking the compatibility of your chemical reagent with the LDPE dosing tube using our chemical compatibility checker.

4x6mm LDPE Dosing Tube Properties

Internal DiameterOutside DiameterTolerancesWeightBurst PressureTemp. RangeBend Diameter
4mm 6mm ±0.10 mm 14.7 g/m 50 Bar -35°C to + 55°C 54mm

Technical information for use as a guide only.  Pressure values given are based on the short term burst pressure at 20°C.  Any increase in temperature above 20°C will result in a decline in working pressure values.  We strongly recommend checking our chemical compatibility database and speaking to your chemical supplier, to ensure that all materials are compatible with the chemical to be dosed.

4x6mm LDPE Dosing Tube Features & Benefits

4x6mm LDPE dosing tube is a good general purpose dosing tube available with lengths up to 100 metres, or cut to size.

The low cost combined with good chemical resistance, flexibility and fair working temperature make LDPE ideal for most chemical dosing applications, subject to chemical compatibility.  Suitable for use in food & beverage applications, the 4x6mm LDPE dosing tube doesn't impart taste or odour into contents.

4/6 LPE Specifications

  • Specifications


    4x6mm LDPE Dosing Tube

    Model Number:- 4/6 LPE

    Internal Diameter:- 4mm

    External Diameter:- 6mm

    Tolerance:- ±0.10mm

    Weight:- 14.7 Grams / Metre

    Working Pressure (at 20°C):- 

    Burst Pressure (at 20°C):- 50 Bar

    Bend Diameter:- 54mm

    Minimum Temperature:- -35°C

    Maximum Temperature:- +55°C

  • Applications


    4 x 6mm LDPE is suitable for use with chemical dosing pumps that use 4 x 6mm dosing tube, including the following series of dosing pumps:-

    4x6mm LDPE is durable, lightweight and flexible, combined with the good pressure and temperature options, as well as resistant to a number of chemical reagents makes 4 x 6mm LDPE dosing tube ideal for general purpose chemical dosing applications.

    We strongly recommend that you check that LDPE is compatible with your chemical reagent using our chemical compatibility database or with your chemical supplier and that all chemical dosing tube is protected from frost, direct sunlight and is installed inside a secondary pipe or hose to provide mechanical protection and containment.

    LDPE tubing is suitable for use in the food & beverage sector and the raw materials used in the manufacture of natural LDPE tube (excludes opaque Red, Blue & Black) have regulatory approval in accordance with:-

    • The Plastic Materials and Articles in contact with Food Regulations (No.2) Regulations 2006 (SI 2006 No.2687) and its subsequent amendments in the United Kingdom,
    • Commission Directive 2008/39/EC of 6 March 2008 amending Directive 2002/72/EC relating to plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food in the European Union
    • FDA regulations under Code 21 CFR in the USA.
  • Appearance


    4 x 6mm LDPE Dosing Tube can be supplied in natural from stock which is slightly translucent and waxy in colour. The LDPE dosing tube is stamped with:-

    • Part Number
    • Size
    • Metre Mark
    • Batch number

    LDPE has a low friction co-efficient and a smooth bore making it ideal for the transfer of fluids.

    LDPE can be supplied in opaque colours including Red, Blue and Black and we recommend that all dosing tube is supplied in a secondary tubing, hose or pipe to provide secondary containment.


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