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Panel Mount Temperature Controller

panel mount temperature controller TR7615

The TR7615 is a panel mount temperature controller complete with 2 x control relays, alarm relay and isolated 4-20mA output.

Panel Mount Temperature Controller TR7615

The TR7615 is a panel mount temperature controller in 96 DIN Spec, designed for mounting into control panels for continual or online temperature measurement.  Designed with light industrial usage in mind, the TR7615 temperature controller includes 2 x control relays with associated setpoints and a 4-20mA output, proportional to the measuring range.

With a range of 0°C to + 199.9°C, the TR7615 panel mount temperature controller is designed to work with a 3 Wire PT100 Temperature Sensor input and is suitable for use with the temperature sensors in our range.

The TR7615 has a bright 4 digit LCD (liquid crystal display), displaying the temperature in °C and with front mounted potentiometers to allow the adjustment of setpoint 1 and setpoint 2, as well as the zero and slope calibration potentiometers.

The TR7615 is suitable for a supply voltage of 110 / 220 V AC 50 / 60Hz.

Temperature Controller TR7615 Installation

The TR7615 is suitable for panel mounting only and is designed to 96 DIN Spec, with the dimensions 96 x 96 x 145mm.

The cut out should be 92mm x 92mm for panel mount and the terminal blocks at the back of the instrument are removable to ease installation for both system integrators and end users.

All the control functionality for the instrument is located at the front, including the setpoint control, setup and the instrument calibration.

Temperature Controller TR7615 setpoints with On/Off Control Relays

The TR7615 has easy to programme On/Off control setpoints with associated relay.  Each of the setpoints and associated relays operate independently from one another and have Normally Open and Normally Closed contacts for either High or Low operation.

When the setpoint is configured for use under Low operation, then when the monitored Temperature value is lower than the setpoint value, the LED is lit and the corresponding relay is activated.

For use under High operation, then when the monitored Temperature value is higher than the setpoint, the LED is lit and the corresponding relay is activated.

As the TR7615 is an easy to use redox controller with outstanding control options, which makes it an excellent choice of cost effective temperature controller for many light industrial processes, including temperature monitoring and control, either as an independant instrument or as part of a larger control panel.

Temperature Controller TR7615 with 4-20mA Output

The panel mount TR7615 includes an industry standard 4-20mA output. This 4-20mA output can be used with a variety of control equipment instruments, including PLC's and Chart Recorders. The 4-20mA output in the TR7615 is non-expandable, meaning that the current output is not suitable for use with proportional control dosing pumps, but does correspond precisely to the measured range of the instrument selected.

Temperature Controller TR7615 PT100 Input

The TR7615 is designed to work with a good quality temperature sensor and works with a 3 Wire PRT only.  Where the two wires of the temperature sensor provide a resistance directly proportional to the temperature, the TR7615 uses the third wire of the 3 Wire device to automatically compensate for the resistance in the cable length, thus helping to provide accurate and precise temperature measurement.

The TR7615 has an adjustable Zero and Adjustable Span which allows the instrument to calibrated to known values, providing easy integration with certified temperature applications.

TR7615 Temperature Controller Specifications

  • Specifications


    Panel Mount Temperature Controller

    Model No:- TR7615

    Temperature Range:- 0.00°C to +199.9°C

    Resolution:- 0.1°C

    Supported Temperature Sensor:- PT100 (3 Wire PRT)

    Set Points:- 2 On/Off, SPDT, 5 Amp 220 VAC resistive load

    Action:- On/Off over 100% of range

    Hysteresis:- ± 0.25% of the scale

    Current output:- 0 - 20 / 4 - 20mA

    Zero:- ±15%

    Slope:- ±20%

    Ambient Temperature:- 0-50°C

    Mains Supply:- 220 Volt / 110 Volt, 50 / 60Hz

    Weight:- 500 grams DIN version

    Dimensions:- 96 x 96 x 140mm

  • Features


    • Easy to use precision panel mount temperature controller with 2 x set points for on / off control.
    • Works with any of our range of precision platinum resistance thermometer PT100 temperature sensors.
    • Designed specifically for panel mounting with easy to access terminals and front mounted operator controls.
    • Easy calibration procedure even for untrained operators with adjustment of Zero and Span via front mounted potentiometers.
    • Clear crisp display so the temperature value, set-point setup and calibration procedure can be easily checked and adjusted as required.
    • 4-20mA output for easy integration with a digital chart recorder, PLC or online data logger
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