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High Pressure Brominator 36Kg Capacity

high pressure brominator BB36-FM with capacity of 36kg and flow rate from 100 - 1000 litres per hour

High pressure Brominator with 36Kg capacity, suitable for a flow rate between 100 - 1000 Litres / Hour.

BB36-FM High Pressure Brominator Introduction

The BB36-FM is an inline brominator, designed to be installed directly in the process stream to provide disinfected or sanitised water directly into a process.

The BB36-FM is manufactured in specially formulated GRP making it suitable for either Bromine Tablets or Chlorine (Trichlor), to provide the treated water into industrial processes such as legionella prevention in cooling tower applications or sanitised water for municipal or commercial swimming pools.

The high pressure brominator BB36-FM is designed to work with a process flow rate of 100 - 1000 litres per hour and at a pressure of up to 5.5 Bar (80 PSI).  The BB36-FM has a large internal capacity and is able to hold 36 g of Chlorine (Trichlor) or Bromine tablets.

Specially Designed Internal Pipework

The BB36-FM is supplied ready plumbed and tested complete with flow regulating valve, flow meter and drain valve with a 1" inlet and 1" outlet plus union fittings.

The flow regulating valve and flow meter allow the water flow through the brominator to be easily controlled ensuring that the right amount of disinfected water is provided into the process.

The internal pipework is designed to provide an even spray over the bromine or chorine (trichlor) tablets, to ensure that the tablets are consumed evenly, this ensures that a steady stream of sanitised water is present at the brominator outlet.

36Kg Capacity High Pressure Brominator

The BB36-FM is designed to hold 36Kg of bromine or chlorine (trichlor) tablets in its internal reservoir which is accessed via the large 4" (110mm) opening aperture.  The tablets are designed to sit around the centrally positioned pipework assembly which terminates in a nozzle to ensure the tablets dissolve evenly for a steady flow of disinfected water.

In addition to the port, the high pressure brominator includes a vacuum relief valve to aid opening of the chamber for refilling.  In addition to the vacuum relief valve, the BB36-FM has an air pressure relief valve to prevent air-locking of the brominator.

BB36-FM Features & Benefits

The BB36-FM is a simple way of incorporating treated water into a process for legionella control or disinfected water supply for a number of industrial and process applications, with no ongoing maintenance or running costs required.

Suitable for a high flow rate, the BB36-FM has an operational flow rate of 100 - 1000 litres per hour and is suitable for a maximum pressure of 5.5 Bar (80PSI) and 1" pipework.

Manufactured in specially formulated GRP, the BB36-FM brominator is suitable for use with bromine or chlorine (trichlor) tablets and is supplied ready plumbed for simple inline installation.  The BB36-FM comes complete with regulating flow valve, flow meter, and drain valve.

With vacuum relief, air pressure relief valves and a large 4" (110mm) top opening, the BB36-FM is simple to fill with 36Kg of tablets when required, and provides for continual operation with minimal maintenance required.

BB36-FM Specifications

  • Specifications

    36Kg Capacity High Pressure Brominator

    Model No:- BB36-FM

    Capacity:- 18Kg

    Flow Rate:- 100 - 1000 Litres / Hour

    Pressure:- 5.5 Bar (80 PSI)

    Top Fill Port Size:- 4" (110mm)

    Inlet / Outlet Connection Size:-  1" BSP

    Includes:- Flow Regulating Valve, Flow Meter, Drain Valve

    Dimensions:- Varies (Available on request)

  • Features


    • High pressure brominator - suitable for a pressure of up to 5.5 Bar.
    • Suitable for high flow rates between 100 - 1000 Litres per hour. 
    • Supplied ready assembled for process integration complete with flow regulating valve, flow meter and drain valve. 
    • Inline installation ensures that treated water is available directly at the outlet of the brominator. 
    • Engineered internal pipework is designed to ensure even tablet usage.
    • Suitable for use with either bromine or chlorine (Trichlor) tablets.
    • Vacuum relief valve to enable easy lid removal for tablet replenishment.
    • Air relief valve to prevent air locking of the brominator.
    • Simple to use, simple to install, simple to refill - with no maintenance or running costs.
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