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Ultrasonic Flow Meter

ultrasonic flow meter for consent to discharge MFLR

The MFLR is an ultrasonic flow meter designed to calculate both the instantaneous flow and totalised flow when mounted above a V-notch tank.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter MFLR Introduction

The MFLR is an ultrasonic flow meter comprising of an ultrasonic transducer which is designed to be mounted above a V-Notch tank.  The ultrasonic transducer is connected to the surface mounted instrument which interprets the signal and provides a readout of both the instantaneous flow and the totalised flow at the same time.

The transducer has a maximum range of up to 10 metres to suit most installation types, and is designed to the IP68 standard and suitable for an operating temperature of - 40°C to + 90°C.

The MFLR surface mounting instrument includes 3 x control relays which can be connected to process control devices to open valves, switch on pumps or trigger alarms.

In addition to the control options, the MFLR has an industry standard 4-20mA output, corresponding to the instantaneous flow and a pulsed output correlating to the totalised flow. The design thus allows for simple integration into either a BMS system, data logger, digital Chart Recorder or Online Data Logger.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter For V-Notch Tanks MFLR

The MFLR is designed specifically for calculating the flow in V-Notch tanks. The microprocessor driven software is easy to use for both commissioning and calibration, guiding the user through the required steps.

By inputing the transducer mounting point, the tank dimensions and the angle of the V-Notch plate, the MFLR can precisely calculate the flow using the inbuilt mathematics.

Built into the software the MFLR has numerous built-in configurations to ease the calibration of the system, as well as built in calculations for common flume and weir configurations.  Options for a 24 point configuration can also be entered.

The MFLR is specifically designed for use with our V-Notch tanks with configurations provided as standard.

Instantaneous Flow and Totalised Flow Calculations - MFLR

The MFLR displays both the instantaneous flow rate and the totalised flow rate on the screen at the same time.

The Instantaneous flow is normally expressed in Litres / Second and the totalised flow as M3, which can be configured to be displayed in Gallons, Tonnes, Kg, or %.

The MF-C works by pulsing ultrasonic sound waves to the surface of the liquid.  The ultrasonic sound waves are then reflected back to the transmitter from the surface of the liquid.  The time taken for the transmitted ultrasonic sound waves to reverberate back to the transceiver are directly proportional to the distance of the liquid surface from the ultrasonic level transmitter.  Therefore, this allows us to very accurately calculate the liquid level inside the tank.

The MF-C is a two wire 4-20mA device which means that the two wires that are used to power the MF-C are also used to transmit the signal.  This makes wiring and connecting the MF-C incredibly simple to operate.  The 4-20mA signal can be transmitted up to 1000 metres away.

As the MF-C uses an industry standard 4-20mA signal, it is ideal for connecting to our range of 4-20mA controllers, a PLC or a Data Logging device.  When using a 4-20mA controller such as our BC7635, the instrument provides a local display of the reading, and powers the device.

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter MF-C Ranges & Applications

The MF-C is designed to be mounted into tanks using the 2" BSP thread, integrated into the transceiver section of the transmitter.

The transceiver should be mounted with an air-gap of at least 0.4 metres (400mm) from the surface of the liquid at its maximum point.  The MF-C is able to read down to a maximum depth of 8 metres. Alternatively, we offer the MF-CER which has a range of 0.4 - 11 metres.

The MF-C incorporates automatic temperature compensation to ensure that the effects of temperature are mitigated against and the MF-C accurately measures the level within tanks and process vessels.

As the ultrasonic level transmitter MF-C uses the reverberation of sound waves to calculate the level inside tanks, if liquids have a low vapour pressure (such as sodium hypochlorites) or create foam, then the audio waves can be absorbed into the foam causing false readings.  As such, the MF-C is not suitable for use on liquids of this nature, and instead we suggest a hydrostatic level transducer.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter MFLR Features & Benefits

The MFLR is a precision instrument designed for measuring the instantaneous flow and totalised flow from a V-Notch tank.

With a 5 button keypad and menu driven options, the MFLR is simple and intuitive to used.  The programming and commissioning of the MFLR can be undertaken in a fraction of the time compared to other instruments.  With a number of presets specifically for V-Notch tank integration, the MFLR is a perfect partner to effluent discharge and outfall monitoring applications.

With a clear LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) showing both the instantaneous flow and the totalised flow, the discharge amounts can be checked at a glance. The units of measurement are also fully customisable to display in the required parameter.

Using industry standard outputs the MFLR has a 4-20mA, for instantaneous flow and a pulsed output for totalised flow, and integrating the MFLR into a monitoring solution such as a BMS, digital Chart Recorder, Data Logger or an online Data Logger.  Complying with consent to discharge agreements couldn't be easier.

MFLR Specifications

  • Specifications


    Model No:- MFLR

    Range (MF-C):- 0.3 - 10.00 Metres

    Measuring Modes:- Level, Distance, Differential, Flow

    Flow Functions:-

    • 7 Standard tank shapes for volume conversion
    • 10 Parshall flume curves
    • BS3680 (V-Notch tank) Flow Laws + Penstock Control
    • 24 point linearisation
    • 7 Seperate pump control functions

    Resolution:- 2.0 mm or 0.1% of range (whichever is greater)

    Methodology:- Ultrasonic

    Operating Temperature Range:- -40°C to 90°C

    Output:- 4-20mA isolated into 750 Ohms. (16 Bit) 

    Supply:- 110 / 230 VAC 50 / 60Hz or 24 VDC +25% - 10%

    Transducer Material:- Glass Reinforced Epoxy to IP68

    Connections:- M20

    Temperature Compensation:- Yes

  • Features


    • Ideal for use with V-Notch tanks - simple to install, commission and use. connection
    • Simple mounting above V-Notch tanks with only 0.3 metre blanking range and M20 connection. 
    • Simple integration with digital chart recorders and online data loggers using the 4-20mA and pulsed connections.
    • Clear display showing both the instantaneous and total flow at the same time. 
    • Easy to use 5 button programming with menu driven options. 
    • Temperature compensated transducer for accurate measurements designed to IP68 standards.
    • Hassle free, reliable continuous flow measurement designed for a long operational life.
  • Data Sheets

    Data Sheets


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