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2" Hot Water Meter

2 Inch or 50mm Water Meter for Hot Water

2" brass bodied water meter for measuring the volume of hot water flow through pipework with pulsed output and flow totalisation.

2" BSP Hot Water Meter CTCI 50 Introduction

The CTCI 50 is a 2" BSP threaded contacting head water meter, manufactured with a brass body for use with hot, clean water and ideally suited for process applications where accurate measurements of hot water flow are required.

Designed for process applications such as heat-exchangers, and transfer lines, the CTCI 50 is rated to a temperature up to 90°C and a pressure of up to 16 Bar.  The CTCI 50 may be installed in any position and provides precision flow measurements with a maximum flow rate of 10 m3 / Hr.

The robustly constructed hot water meter is designed to be screwed into pipework using the 2" threaded connection, to measure the volume of water flowing past the water meter.

The 2" BSP hot water meter CTCI 50 has a high sensitivity turbine impulse sensor, which drives a large accurate gear train to provide both totalisation and the pulsed output.

2" BSP Hot Water Meter With Pulsed Output

The turbine sensor is both antimagnetic and non-hygroscopic and drives a large and accurate gear train.

The resulting digital signal is pulsed via volt free contacts, proportional to the flow rate - the K Factor of the 2" BSP Hot Water meter CTCI 50 is K = 10.0, giving 1 pulse per 10 litres.

The pulsed output signal is rated at 24 V - 0.2 A and the supplied cable length is 2 metres.

The CTCI 50 can be easily integrated into a dosing pump; batch controller; external counter or other piece of process control equipment that corresponds to a pulsed input, proportional to liquid flow rate.

2" BSP Hot Water Meter With Totalisation

As well as delivering a pulsed output signal the CTCI 50 has a mechanical non-resettable counter which is displayed on the front of the water meter.  The 5 digit mechanical counter displays the total volume of liquid that has flowed through the water meter in M3.

The mechanical counter and water meter frontage are covered in a transparent cover, manufactured in clear epoxy resin.

2" BSP Hot Water Meter CTCI 50 Features & Benefits

The CTCI 50 is an excellent way of measuring the volume or flow of hot water in a process, or being transferred through a heat exchange. Used frequently on recirculating heat exchangers, transfer lines, for measuring incoming hot water in the food and beverage sector, it is also useful for controlling flow proportional dosing and in any application where the volume of water flowing in a pipeline needs to be accurately measured.

The CTCI 50 is of simple design and proven construction.  Designed to provide reliable, accurate and dependable measurement and control of many industrial processes, the CTCI 50 is a hot water meter with a 2" BSP threaded connection, so securing it in place for a long operational life is as simple as possible.

CTCI 50 Specifications

  • Specifications


    2" BSP Threaded Hot Water Meter

    Model No:- CTCI 50

    Connection:- 2" BSP thread (50mm)

    Body:- Cast Iron case and head

    Head:- Cast in clear epoxy resin

    Turbine:- Non-hygroscopic and antimagnetic

    Constant / K Factor:- K = 10.0 (1 pulse per 10.0 Litres)

    Contacting Head Output:- Reed Switch rated at 5 VA

    Sensitivity:- 50 L/Hr

    Instantaneous Max. Flow Rate:- 30 m/ Hr

    Flow 1 Bar Pressure Drop:- 30 m/ Hr

    Normal Flow:- 15 m/ Hr

    Min. Flow for 5% Accuracy:- 450 L / Hr

    Min. Flow for 2% Accuracy:-  3000 L / Hr

    Max Working Pressure:- 16 Bar

    Max Temperature:- 90°C

    Min Reading:- 0.1 Litres

    Max Reading:- 106 m3

    Turbine Revs per Litre:- 3.16 Revs / L

    Length Less Fittings:- 300mm

    Length With Fittings:- 460mm

  • Features


    • Brass bodied hot water meter with high sensitivity turbine sensor designed specifically for process control applications using clean hot water.
    • Rated for use at temperatures up to 90°C and a pressure of up to 16 Bar for process applications.
    • Brass bodied hot water meter with high sensitivity turbine sensor designed specifically for process control applications using clean hot water.
    • The high sensitivity non-magnetic and hygroscopic impulse sender drives a large accurate gear train to ensure precision totalisation counts and pulsed outputs even at high temperature.
    • Pulsed output with a K = 10.0 constant to give 1 pulse per 10 litres of water - ideal for counting incoming makeup water. 
    • Totalisation is displayed on a mechanical non-resettable counter allowing the total volume of water that has passed through the hot water meter to be monitoring dependably and easily.
    •  Proportional digital pulsed output signal which corresponds to the K constant - provides a useable signal to external control devices such as batch counters, controllers, dosing pumps and other control equipment.
    • Proven design of simple & construction to provide reliable, accurate, and dependable measurement and control of many industrial processes.


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