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At Automated Water & Effluent Ltd we've been providing equipment to water treatment professionals since 1982. With over 35 years of experience working in the Water Treatment sector our equipment has been proven as accurate, reliable and designed for a long operational life.

Our expertise works to a wide section of the water treatment sector with solutions for cooling tower control, boiler blowdown systems, chlorine dosing and boiler feed water dosing amongst many other water treatment solutions.

Our range of chemical dosing pumps are designed to accurately deliver chemical reagents into pipework and we offer a range of simple on / off control dosing pumps, as well as flow proportional dosing pumps where a chemical can be metered into a pipeline based on the incoming flow from a water meter. In addition to our flow proportional pumps our new range of microprocessor controlled dosing pumps offer PPM dosing straight out of the box, where the engineer can select the chemical strength allowing the dosing pump to work out the mathematics.

We even offer a range of water treatment dosing pumps - our HY dosing pump range, which offer the same range of control functionalities in a smaller enclosure with outputs designed to encompass most water treatment applications. As well as providing chemical dosing pumps we offer portable chlorine colorimeters and portable pH, Conductivity and Temperature instruments designed specifically for water treatment and process control professionals.


Working with Water Treatment engineers we understand the realities of working for clients with demands on health & safety legislation and the location where some equipment can be used. As such we've developed a number of back plate systems where equipment such as cooling water controllers, or chlorine dosing systems are pre-mounted to the back plate. These are designed to minimise the time spent on site connecting the various components to a system. As each system is calibrated and pressure tested prior to leaving our factory - reducing the system site-work to connecting the pipework and power.

With an understanding of how our water treatment customers work, we try to ensure that our dosing pumps, instrumentation and sensors are available ex-stock to minimise lead times and help with work flow management.

Our service is backed up by our team of on-site service engineers and support from our team in Stafford. Our experienced operators can be reached by calling 01785 254 597 and are able to talk you through and queries or issues that you have.

Our equipment is fully field tested with over 35 years of working in the water treatment sector - meaning that you can be confident in the both the accuracy and reliability of our equipment.

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Turbidity is an excellent measurement of water clarity and we use both infra-red and white light sources to offer a range from as low as 0.01NTU up to 10'000 FTU in range. 

Within our range of turbidity sensors we offer both dip mounting and inline turbidity sensors which deliver continuous turbidity or total suspended solids measurements.

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Dosing Pump

metering pump

Dosing pumps are items of control equipent designed to dose or meter chemical reagent into a process.

Our red dosing pumps are able to dose concentrated chemical reagents and provide accurate and reliable chemical dosing for process control, water treatment and effluent treatment applications.

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Chlorine is an excellent biocide and oxidising agent is system in liquid form such as sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite or chlorine dioxide amongst others.

For accurate chlorine measurement we offer a range of sensors, controllers and portable instruments to provide accurate chlorine measurements.

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