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PVDF Foot Valve & Strainer for use with 4x6mm tubing

PVDF Foot Valve for use with 4x6mm tubing and with integral non-return valve

10414P Foot Valve & strainer assembly with integral non-return valve manufactured in PVDF.

10414P Foot Valve & Strainer Introduction

The 10414P is a foot valve and strainer assembly, manufactured with a PVDF body and seals, O-rings and non-return mechanism in a choice of materials.  The highly chemically resistant PVDF is designed to be continually immersed into a chemical container, such as a dosing tank, to allow chemical to be easily delivered into the head of a dosing pump.

The compression fittings in the 10414P foot valve & strainer assembly are suitable for use with 4x6mm dosing tube from the suction side of a dosing pump.  The dosing tube or suction tubing should be cut to length, allowing the suction valve to sit at the bottom of the dosing tank, containing the chemical reagent.

The foot valve and strainer assembly includes a non-return valve, formed from a fluoropolymer elastomer assembly, which is designed to operate from the suction effect of the dosing pump.

The dosing tube is connected to the foot valve and stainer assembly using the fitting arrangement for securing the dosing tube into place.

The foot valve and strainer assembly doesn't include an integral low level signal for use with the HYAT-BL, AT-AM, or AT-MT series of dosing pumps.  If you require a low level signal then we strongly recommend you look at our suction lance assemblies which comprise both a low level float switch and foot valve and strainer assembly.

10414P Foot Valve Wetted Parts

The 10414P Foot Valve & Strainer is manufactured with the following wetted parts:-

Body MaterialElastomerSeals & O-Rings
PVDF Viton or EPDM Viton or EPDM

We strongly recommend checking the wetted parts of the foot valve against our chemical compatibility database or speaking with your chemical supplier, to ensure that all the parts are compatible with the chemical to be dosed.

Foot valve with integral non-return valve breakdown

10414P Foot Valve Installation

The foot valve and strainer assembly should be connected to the dosing tube by threading the lock nut and compression ring over the dosing tube.

The tube should then be pushed over the cone assembly and the compression ring offered up to the cone.

Tightening the lock nut over the compression ring will ensure that cone and compression ring are forced together to create a tight seal.

The lock nut should be hand tightened.  We don't recommend using a tool to tighten this as it could result in damage or breakage to the lock nut.

The insertion of the foot valve and strainer assembly is relatively straightforward.  If working with a chemical container such as a dosing tank, we recommend a hole specifically for the dosing tube is created, allowing the dosing tube to run directly to the bottom of the tank.  This prevents a man way access or dosing tank lid from being permanently left open.

The dosing tube should be cut to a length that allows the foot valve and strainer assembly to sit on the bottom of the tank.  This ensures that the majority of the chemical can be drawn through the foot valve as well as ensuring that the strainer assembly functions correctly.

The strainer section of the foot valve assembly is a mesh material which is designed to prevent the dosing pump from drawing any solid contaminants that may be present in the chemical tank, into the dosing pump.  The strainer assembly is not designed to act as a filter in the chemical container and is only a last-resort protective measure.

The foot valve only allows the fluid to pass one way though the valve.  This works by using a chemically resistant fluoropolymer elastomer which is specifically formed to allow the chemical reagent to only pass through during the suction effect of the dosing pump.  This prevents the chemical flowing back down to the suction tubing or to act as a non-return valve.

The suction valve is designed to operate with the suction effect of the dosing pump and to work against the gravitational head of the chemical in the suction line, even if the chemical reagent has a specific gravity over 2.0.  The limiting head of the non-return valve is dictated by the operational capability of the dosing pump, which is approximately 1.2 metres of suction lift. 

10414P Features & Benefits

The 10414P is designed to ensure that a chemical dosing pump holds it's prime when chemical is present in a dosing tank or other chemical container.  Comprising of a non-return valve and strainer assembly, the foot valve prevents the chemical in the dosing tube from falling back down the suction tubing, due to the effects of gravity.

Manufactured in chemically resistant PVDF, the 10414P foot valve and strainer assembly is designed for use even in concentrated chemical reagents.  We strongly recommend checking that all the listed parts are compatible with your chemical reagent by either using our chemical compatibility checker or speaking with your chemical supplier.

The foot valve also includes a mesh type strainer assembly which is designed to operate as a final protection from the dosing pump drawing any solid contaminants into the dosing pump head.

The 10414P is compatible with 4x6mm suction tubing and is manufactured in PVDF with an option between the seals, O-rings and non-return valve material.  The 10414P is designed to ensure a long operational life even when working with process strength chemicals.

10414P Specifications

  • Specifications


    Foot Valve with non-return valve and strainer

    Model Number:- 10414P

    Body Material:- PVDF

    Dosing Tube Size:- 4x6mm

    Mounting Type:- Compression

    Non-return Valve Type:- Fluoropolymer Elastomer

  • Applications


    The 10414P Foot valve and strainer assembly is manufactured in chemically resistant PVDF to make it suitable for operation in concentrated chemical reagents.

    Designed to be immersed into a chemical container, the 10414P allows the dosing pump to lift the chemical reagent to the dosing pump head when the container that is lower than a dosing pump. The foot valve and strainer assembly should be used when a low level float switch or low level cut-off is not required - if this is required we would recommend a suction lance assembly. 

    The integral non-return valve is designed so that when the chemical is lifted into the suction line tubing it cannot return back to origin through the suction line. This is designed so that the dosing pump remains primed - to help with efficient chemical dosing, preventing airlocks and delivering an even flow of chemical reagent into a process.

    The 10414P has a compression fitting for 4x6mm dosing tube allowing the foot valve to be simply connected to the suction line tubing for hassle free operation. The mesh like strainer located at the suction point of the foot valve is designed as a final preventative measure to stop solid contaminants from being drawn into head of the dosing pump.

    We strongly recommend that you check that the process chemicals that you are planning on using are compatible with the materials of construction used in the foot valve, either using our chemical compatibility database or by checking with your chemical supplier.

  • Ordering Information

    Model NumberMaterialDosing TubeSeals & O-RingsNon-Return Valve
    10414PVC PVC 4x6mm Viton Ceramic
    10414EPVC PVC 4x6mm EPDM Ceramic
    10414PVCGP PVC 8x12mm Viton Ceramic
    10414EPVCGP PVC 8x12mm EPDM Ceramic
    10414P PVDF 4x6mm Viton Ceramic
    10414EP PVDF 4x6mm EPDM Ceramic
    10414PGP PVDF 8x12mm Viton Ceramic
    10414EPGP PVDF 8x12mm EPDM Ceramic

    Please use our chemical compatibility checker to ensure that the wetted parts are compatible with your process. If you're unsure please don't hesitate to contact our friendly sales team.


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