High Temperature & High Pressure Conductivity Cell

high temperature high pressure insertion conductivity cell PSE4 HT

The PSE4-HT Conductivity Cell is designed for use in applications where both high temperatures and high pressures are present.

High Temperature & High Pressure Conductivity Cell PSE4-HT

The PSE4-HT is an electrolytic conductivity cell designed to give continuous conductivity measurements in environments where a high pressure / high temperature is present.

The PSE4-HT is manufactured in a combination of Stainless Steel, PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone) and Viton seals and has a 3/4" BSP mounting thread for fastening securely into high pressure pipework or boilers.

As a conductivity cell designed to operate in a high pressure and high temperature environment, the PSE4-HT is rated for use at a temperature of 205°C at a pressure of 17 Bar (250 PSI).

The PSE4-HT is manufactured to withstand high temperature and high pressure and is not available with an integral temperature measuring device for automatic temperature compensation.

The PSE4-HT has a conductivity cell constant of K=1.0 to give an effective conductivity measuring range to values of 20.00mS.

For periodic calibration and maintenance purposes the PSE4-HT uses an unmountable plug, which makes removing the conductivity cell from a process connection as easy as possible.

High Temperature & High Pressure Conductivity Cell PSE4-HT Features & Benefits

The PSE4-HT is designed for installation into boilers and steam condensate return protection systems, where the combined temperature and pressure do not exceed 205°C and 17 Bar (250 PSI).

With wetted parts in stainless steel, PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone) PTFE and Viton "O" rings and a threaded 3/4" BSP connection for secure mounting into pressurised pipework and vessels, the PSE4-HT is designed to as a conductivity cell for high temperature and pressure duties.

The cell content of K=1.0 with a range of 0 - 20mS (20'000µS) the PSE4-HT has measuring parameters that give accurate conductivity readings on steam condensate protection systems and where the pressure or temperature is high.

The PSE4-HT is frequently paired with the C7685 Conductivity Controller and the new C3436 Conductivity / TDS Controller.

PSE4-HT Conductivity Cell Specifications

  • Specifications


    Insertion Conductivity Cell

    Model No:- PSE4-HT

    Cell Constant:- K=1.0

    Measuring Range:- 0 - 20.00mS

    Materials of construction Cell:- 316 Stainless Steel, PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone) Viton 'O' Rings, PTFE Insulators

    Max temperature & Pressure:- 0 - 205°C & 17 Bar (250 P.S.I.)

    Temperature Compensation:- Not Available

    Connections:- De-mountable Connector

  • Features


    • Conductivity Cell specifically designed for boiler systems and condensate return lines.
    • Engineered to operate up to a temperature and pressure combination of 205°C and 17 Bar (250 PSI)
    • 3/4" BSP thread for securely mounting into pipework or pressurised vessels.
    • Conductivity cell constant of K=1.0 for operation in the boiler and condensate space with an upper measuring limit of 20.00mS (20'000µS)
    • Compatible with a full range of conductivity instruments..
    • Removeable plug on top of the conductivity cell allows for easy installation on the low conductivity cell and and removal for periodic maintenance and calibration.

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