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Immersion Temperature Sensor with Aluminium Head

immersion temperature sensor with aluminium head TPA-2-A

The TPA-2-A is an immersion type temperature sensor which uses a 3 Wire PT100 or PT1000 Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PRT) to BS 1904, for precision temperature measurements.

Immersion Temperature Sensor TPA-2-N Introduction

The TPA-2-A is an immersion temperature probe manufactured in 316 stainless steel and utilising a 3 Wire PRT to BS 1904 standard.

The TPA-2-A has an Aluminium mounting head, secured in place with a thermocouple style clamp on head to seal the internal connections against atmospheric conditions.  The temperature sensor assembly is manufactured in 316 Stainless Steel with an all-welded construction to Food Grade standards. 

The PT100 or PT1000 platinum resistance thermometer is located in the tip of the stainless steel stem which is filled with our special thermal packing material.

The stem of the temperature sensor is 6mm Ø and runs straight from the head to the tip of the temperature sensor.  These can be manufactured with a bend if required.

The TPA-2-A is designed to be immersed into a process vessel only.  We don't recommend using the TPA-2-A with a temperature pocket or thermowell, due to the danger of the temperature sensor bending from the weight of the head.

The length of the sensor from the tip to the process connector is 150mm as standard.  We can manufacture the TPA-2-A with a longer immersion length as required.

The TPA-2-A is suitable for measuring the temperature of processes in tanks and vessels where the chemical doesn't react with 316 Stainless Steel.

We rate the TPA-2-A for measuring a temperature range of between -50.0°C to + 250.0°C. 

Immersion Temperature Sensor TPA-2-A 3 Wire PRT PT100 / PT1000

Inside the aluminium head of the TPA-2-A is a terminal block allowing the 3 Wire PRT to be wired into a temperature controller or other instrument which takes an input from a PT100 or PT1000.

As a 3 Wire device, the resistance in the cable that connects the insertion temperature sensor to the instrument is negated by measuring the cable resistance of the third wire. This ensures that the temperature is measured accurately and precisely.

For applications with long cable runs or if connecting directly to a  4-20mA controller, PLC or online Data Logger, then our TT100 4-20mA temperature transmitter is designed to be mounted inside the head of the insertion temperature sensor, to give a 4-20mA output signal.

Immersion Temperature Sensor TPA-2-A Installation

The TPA-2-A is normally mounted onto a bracket which allows the head of the TPA-2-A to be suspended above the process vessel or tank, and the temperature sensor to be immersed into the solution where the temperature is to be measured.

Insertion Temperature Sensor TPA-2-A Features & Benefits

The TPA-2-A is an excellent way of measuring liquid temperature for control or monitoring purposes, whether in process, water treatment or effluent treatment applications.

The 3 Wire PRT is a precision device to BS 1904 and can be either a PT100 or PT1000, depending upon the connecting instrument.

The all-welded construction makes the TPA-2-A suitable for Food Grade applications.

The Aluminium head allows the electrical connection to be locked into place and combined with the connecting gland, prevents any ingress of fluids into the head of the temperature sensor.  This could inhibit operation of the insertion temperature sensor.

The TPA-2-A can be paired with any instrument that takes a 3 Wire PRT input or one of our temperature controllers, and is designed to offer the user a long operational life while providing accurate temperature measurements.

TPA-2-A Specifications

  • Specifications


    Immersion Temperature Sensor with Aluminium Head

    Model No:- TPA-2-A

    Range:- -50°C to + 250°C

    Installation:- Immersion (Straight sensor stem)

    Mounting:- Immersion Only

    Housing Material:- Aluminium

    Sensor Material:- 316 Stainless Steel all welded construction to food grade standards

    Sensor Type:- PT100 or PT1000 to BS 1904

    Diameter:- 6mm Ø as standard

    lagging:- N/A

    Insertion Length:- Standard 150mm 

  • Ordering Information

    Model NumberHead MaterialInsertion Length
    TPA-2-A-XX Aluminium XX = length in mm
    TPA-2-N-XX Nylon (ABS) XX = length in mm

    For temperature sensors with a process connection please see model TPA-1-A with an Alumium Head with an Aluminium Head or TPA-1-N for an ABS (Nylon) head

    Each temperature sensor can be manufactured with a custom lagging distance - please call or message our friendly sales team for more information.


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